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  1. trm

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    I will briefly get on here to inform everybody of a new CD in the making. Simon Dobson, winner of a British Composer Award (BASCA) in December last year for his work "A Symphony of Colors", is currently in the process of getting funding for his new project "Euneirophrenia". This is a crowdfunding project where everybody can contribute from £1 and upwards. The project can be found here:

    Some words from the composer regarding the project:
    Euneirophrenia. (U-'nE-rO-"fren-E-a)

    "the peaceful state of mind following a good dream"

    As a brass and wind composer I've always tried to push boundaries. I feel very strongly that the way the wider audience feels and listens to brass music is key to the ongoing development and growth of the genre. Without excitment and innovation any type of music will struggle to maintain a positive outlook and the record that I want to cut is our chance to collectively do something positive for a movement that needs change and cross pollination to push it forward.
    I want to make my first solo record a work that challenges the possible perceptions that the brass band and wind band scene can be archaic and exclusive. I'd love to be able to make a record that changes the way people think and feel about classical brass composition and perhaps show them a side of the playing and soundworld they might not have encountered before.
    Please log on to for further details.

    A quick note on some details regarding crowdfunding and payment: The payment is administered through Paypal, although the transaction as such is a regular online debit or credit card deduction. Please note that if you receive an error message that states that your country is not enabled to receive payments, your PayPal account may be located in a country that PayPal is unable to receive funds with. For a complete list of country-specific PayPal restrictions, see:
    Sponsume market their services as following:
    We are a crowdfunding platform where creative people sell perks and rewards to fans in order to fund their project. Fans make their favourite project happen by buying its rewards. Meaning in this particular instance that if you contribute say £10 you get a free download of the finished record. £15 gives you a free copy of the cd, signed and sent as soon as production and printing is finished.
  2. hobgoblin

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    I'm in - £2 pledge. His music might be a load of old twaddle, but I like the bloke and would happily buy the cd on the basis of his zany good looks.
  3. James Yelland

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    It isn't. Trust me.

    Your £2 is well invested.
  4. hobgoblin

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    Yep. 50p less than the Big Issue, but I still feel I'm doing my bit - bargain.
  5. trm

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  6. Pauli Walnuts

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    Saw this today on facebook and am in -I love the musical concept and the crowdfunding method to get there.
  7. trm

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    As do I.
    I can assure you that all contributions are much appreciated. It seems there has been a great influx of new donations the last couple of days, with 83% funding as of now, and still over a week to go. Please share and get involved :)
  8. trm

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    Currently 148 backers. GBP £ 4520 out of a total goal of GBP £ 5000. Five days to go. 50 participants with £10 each and we are there. Remember, £10 will entitle you to a free download of the finished product.

    Free download of Euneirophrenia.

    £10.00 or more : A download code for the finished record. Given once production is completed and the physical record is ready to go.

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  9. Accidental

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    so close! Such a great project, I really hope you guys make the target
  10. PeterBale

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    Simon has now posted on Facebook that the target has been met - now to wait for the finished product :)
  11. Is there any news of this project, one year on? Thanks.
  12. mikey.smithy

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    Hi Alec, I'm not sure that Simon posts directly on here, but I can tell you that Virtuosi GUS will be recording some of Simon's work for this CD project over the weekend 22/23 March including his stunning Symphony of Colours commissioned by Fairey for the 2011 European Championships.


    Mike Smith
    Virtuosi GUS
  13. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    Simon posted on facebook yesterday that one of the (non-brass-band?) pieces is about to be put in the can.
  14. trm

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    A word from the composer:

    Here's the first teaser for my first solo record, #Euneirophrenia.
    So excited to finally show you all a little of what went on and how it sounds.
    Huge thanks to Jake Galvin for the video, and to amazing my backers... not long now!
    Please SHARE and spread the word.... Hopefully you'll enjoy this!!!!!!!!
  15. trm

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    Aaaand the album is live. The backers of the project have already been given the option to download the album. At the time of writing the CD/physical version of the album is expected to be finished sometime this week.
    Simon has launched a website and more details is to be found there. Please go to: for more information.
  16. Ianroberts

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    Is the title of it "Pyramid" ? Just saying innit
  17. Ianroberts

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    Is the title of it "Pyramid" ? Just saying innit. Also just noticed the thread is 18 months old, great investment guys !

  18. Tuba Miriam

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    My band had the honour of being involved with two of the tracks on this CD, and having had the chance of a sneaky listen to a couple of the non-brass band tracks I can say this CD is truly innovative and will have been well worth the wait.

    I'm looking forward to getting my copy of this CD and listening to it in its entirety ... Simon Dobson is an amazing creative force and this album deserves plaudits far and wide. I sincerely hope Simon gets the recognition he deserves from this.
  19. pvillers

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    I have my copy and it's the only cd I've listened to in the car since I received it.

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