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  1. After the recent victory at the europeans, MD Frans Violet and his musicians were determed to make a (studio recorded) CD. The last years the band always was on the EBBC CD with a major testpiece, but for the fans they also had to make a CD with a concert programma on it.

    During the month June the band has recorded in the famous Galaxy Studios, and the CD will be ready in september. It will feature some of the bands soloist: Raf Van Looveren on cornet with 'Rule Britannia', Walter Hoeks on trombone with 'Dear Frog', Stef Pillaert on euphonium with 'Harlequin' and Bert Van Thienen on soprano with a piece from the belgian composer Stijn Roels 'Lyrica'. Further only one testpiece on the cd (Elgar Variations), and various lighter items as Jubilee (quick march), Horizons (Paul Lovatt-Cooper)... Also a new arrangement by the band's soprano player and a lovely slow piece by the Belgian composer Bart Wuilmus is recorded.

    The CD will be released in September!
  2. 1 Horizons - ​
    Paul Lovatt-Cooper 4:57 Prima Vista Musik

    2 Elgar Variations - ​
    Martin Ellerby 15:35 Studio Music Company

    3 Lyrica - ​
    Stijn Roels- 3:49 Manuscript

    Eb Soprano Soloist Bert Van Thienen
    4 Gaillarde - ​
    Pierre Attaignant - orch. Bert Van Thienen 1:59 Manuscript

    5 Rule Britannia - ​
    John Hartmann - arr. D.S. Stephens - 5:19 Wright & Round Ltd.

    Bb Cornet Soloist Raf Van Looveren
    6 Saying Goodbye - ​
    Philip Sparke 3:32 Anglo Music Press

    7 Dear Frog - ​
    Victor Trojan - arr. Georges Moreau - 4:39 Beriato Music

    Trombone Soloist Walter Hoeks
    8 Evensong - ​
    Bart Wuilmus 4:38 Manuscript

    9 Harlequin - ​
    Philip Sparke - 9:13 Anglo Music Press

    Euphonium Soloist Stef Pillaert
    10 Sosban Fach - ​
    Welsh Trad. - arr. Gareth Wood 3:40 Maecenas Music

    11 Reunion and Finale - ​
    Randy Edelman - arr. Andrew Duncan 5:29 Warner/Chappell Music Ltd.

    12 Jubilee - Paul Drury 2:38 S.P.&S. Ltd.
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    And if you get our cd as well, you can compare the brass band and fanfare band version of this piece ;)

    Bert, will your CD be for sale at the joint concert of Willebropek and Fodens on September 29th in Brussels?
  4. Yes, they are now pressing the CD in Germany and will be here just in time for the concert with Foden's and Willebroek.

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