New Brett Baker recording - 11/04/07 RNCM, Manchester

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  1. Rath Trombones

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    Brett Baker invites all trombone players in the Manchester area to play on a recording of trombone music on Wednesday 11 April 2007. The most ambitious part of the project is to record the last movement from Saints-Saëns’ Organ Symphony and the Twelfth Street Rag with as many trombone players as possible. This forms part of a CD including pieces by the Black Dyke Trombone Quartet and solos by Paul Woodward and Brett Baker accompanied by Howard J. Evans on piano.

    After the recording the Black Dyke trombone quartet will present a workshop from 8.00pm sponsored by Michael Rath Brass Instruments. Any British Trombone Society members get to take part in the workshop for free; non-members that are part of the recording have the option to join the BTS or pay £5.00. This is all part of an initiative to encourage brass band players to start up trombone choirs in the North of England and take a more active role in BTS events up and down the country.

    The rehearsal for the recording of the two works is at 5.00pm and the recording takes place at 6.00pm at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester in the Lord Rhodes Room.

    Leading players that have confirmed to play so far in the trombone choir include Richard Brown (Principal Trombone of Grimethorpe), Lisa Sarasini (Principal Trombone of Fairey), Kevin Holdgate (Carlton Main Band), Chris Houlding (Opera North), the Leyland trombone section, the Black Dyke trombone section and the Foden trombone section.
  2. BrotherBone

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    Also in attendance will be Daniel Brooks, Ben Knowles and Gareth Sykes forming the Trombone Section of the YBS Band.

    (Hoping to see alot of mates there too!! =)) )
  3. PeterBale

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    Sounds like a great opportunity, and I'm sure it will be very successful. If it wasn't so far away I'd be tempted to borrow a trombone & turn up myself :oops:
  4. Trombones

    Is there a specific website we can check this out on? Do we need to sign up before the event, or just turn up on the night?
  5. Frosty

    Frosty Member

    I might come along and play. I'm working in Leeds for a few days , so will be around.
    If anyone want's a lesson pm me.

  6. BrotherBone

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    Be good to see you there mate!
  7. Rath Trombones

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    There isn't a specific website to check, but you can get in touch with Brett directly via email [FONT=Trebuchet MS, Arial, Helvetica][/FONT]
  8. andreab

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    I've just had a message saying bring cup mutes + spares if possible.
  9. Ive talked to Brett, and he said it starts at 6, with the recording at 7pm. Can everyone confirm this?
  10. Hells Bones

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    Unfortunately I couldn't make it, would have been a wonderful evening but sadly due to work commitments I couldn't get down in time.

    Hope it all went well!!!

  11. BrotherBone

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    All went exceedingly well, more players there than anticipated =) and plenty of beers in the pub after! :D Got home at 6am lol...