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    Hello everyone,

    We are pleased to announce the start of a new brass ensemble called Austonley Brass. We are made up of players that are past and present performers with Brighouse & Rastrick, Black Dyke, Grimethorpe, The Halle Orchestra and the BBC Philharmonic.

    We have our first concert at Boarshurst Band Club on the 15th December starting at 8pm. We have decided to donate money to our chosen charity which this year is Casey's Cause. Please come along and support us to raise as much money as we can.

    If you would like to hear us or read more about our group please check out the links below.


    If you follow are social media links there are also many more clips/videos/recordings on those.

    It would be great to have some feedback.

    If there are any budding young composers out there or arrangers that would like us to try out your work for brass ten piece then pleased do get in touch.

    I have attached our poster for the concert.

    James Garlick


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