NEW Brass Band Tours Brochure! Featuring travel to Harrogate!

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    NEW Brass Band Tours Brochure! Featuring travel to Harrogate!

    My first post in here...extremely new to the whole "discussion forum" way of doing things! Please go gently on me!! I'm writing a quick post in here upon the advice of John Burns. Rayburn Tours have been operating Concert Tours for over 40 years, and will for the first year be producing a European Tours Brochure dedicated to Brass Bands in 2008/09! It has become increasingly apparent that the needs of a Brass band are entirely unique to those of says Orchestras or Choirs; hence the launch of our "Brass Bands Tours" brochure. The brochure will be released in March of next year and will feature European destinations and performance venues chosen specifically to cater for and enthuse Brass Band Musicians, as well as events taking place within the featured European destinations with particular "Brass" appeal. We will also be including a package to and from the National Brass Band Championships in Harrogate in September 2008…we know that arranging travel for band members and their instruments can be a challenge. We hope that the better option for most involved will be to hand over the “ins and outs” and “ups and downs” of managing your travel and accommodation arrangements over to us! Feedback has told us that this service will be certainly be welcomed by all bands involved!

    From January you will see advertising banners appear on linking through to an area where you will be able to register your details to receive the new brochure when printed in March. In the meantime we would welcome any good quality images any of you may have of your Bands performing, and would like to see in will automatically be entered into our yearly photo competition where a cash prize of £200 is up for grabs!

    Lastly, if any of you would like to register in advance please feel free to reply with your details to! Thanking you for your time.
  2. TheMusicMan

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    Hi Nicky

    Great to have you on board as a commercial sponsor of tMP, thanks for the support. I am sure the tMP crowd will be in touch as they begin preparations for any tours they are embarking on during 2008 and beyond.

    Thanks for your support for tMP.
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