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Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by eupho1, May 4, 2012.

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    Are there any players in the Stockport?South Manchester Area that might like to start up a new band (could be in addition to the band you are playing with a mo)

    If any players are interested even if just for a blow, send me a private message on here with name, instrument and contact details. You never know!!
  2. Hi Steve,

    I Would be definatley be interested. Would like to play cornet on the back row if it gets up and running.


    Elaine. B.
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    Just to let you know, there has been a fantastic response to this add. Looks like we have Bass, Trombone, Euph, Tenor Horn, Baris and cornet players interested (approx 14 players ranging from top section down). Looks like the private message has had the best response, but we still need a few more players, then we can arrange a meeting for all interested. Looks like we may have access to a full band
    music and stands. So, any players interested please continue to contact me via the private message reply and I will def get back to you.Cheers. Steve
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    Hi Elaine
    No probs, will keep you informed

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    Latest Update- Doing really well here. Got another Bass and Cornet player. Now looking to arrange an open rehearsal in a couple of weeks to see if we can get a few more in addition to those who have shown interest. Band is going to be called "Cheshire Brass" It looks like we will have a full band library and stands plus some spare instruments. A great start I think. Will keep you all posted. Any new viewers are welcome to give me a call for details.

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    Hi Liz

    Thanks for mesage will get details to you
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    could we keep this thread open a little longer pls
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    Maybe if some of us who've already replied via PM also post something here, it might help (a) keep the thread alive, and (b) encourage others to get in touch! :)
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    sounds good to me owain. Areyou at band sometime this week?
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    Hi All,
    Willbe contacting you all next week to arrange suitable date to meet up

    If anyone else interested please get in touch asap ( got about 15 players at moment )
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    Should have dates out this week
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    Just to let you all know that the other thread in the Rehearsal room was srtopped and was difficult to progress. If any others are interested in coming along let me know. Had about 15 players interested
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    That was because the Recruitment Corner is the appropriate place for such discussions, once the original announcemnt had been made.

    You'll find people will follow the discussion just as well here, and I wish you well as you prepare to meet for the first time.