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  1. awalker

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    I have been a music librarian for nearly two years now and have been finding it increasingly hard to keep track of music which is either in the band pads, borrowed by other bands, missing or damaged along with tracking new purchases.

    After looking round on the internet I could not find an obvious solution, so I decided to design a system that could manage this and BAIT was born.

    I thought that the program would be more useful if it could cater other aspects of the band such as instrument rentals, player tracking and engagement management.

    The latest version of BAIT offers the following:

    • Sheet Music library
      • Seperated into headers and copies so you can create 1 header and assign unlimited copies (such as sets of music)- 1 main record for each piece of music.
    • User management
    • Reports
      • A variety including full library listing, solos, ensemble and music on loan reports along with purchase report and statistics.
    • Loans
      • The ability to loan out music to users and set due back dates.
    I am also planning future features which include:

    • Audit trail of changes
    • User security
    • Help system
    • User preferences
    • More reporting
    • Improved navigation
    • Finance module
    • Digital Music module
    • Contests module
    • Engagements module
    • Instruments module (including loaning of instruments)
    I'm thinking of selling this program which will ensure the continued development and was thinking about £25 per year which will include free updates for that period.

    I have set up a website with some more info and screenshots here

    If you have comments, ideas or want to buy a copy :) then please reply here, PM me or via email. My plan is to design a program which suits everybody :biggrin:.
  2. Hells Bones

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    That actually sounds quite good.

    Can you browse music in the library on it?

    And could you use it to catalogue instruments as well?
  3. Hells Bones

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    Just had another read through your post and I feel I must apologise for being a stupid ****.

    I will mention this to the band I am affiliated with and see what they think.

    They might well be interested when the instrument rental and loaning side comes into play.

    Can you browse music though? Searching is good i.e. searching for a trombone solo or feature and all the pieces come up but can you just get all the titles of music up and go through them all?
  4. awalker

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    Yes you can browse through all records individually or print off an entire list which can be used as your library reference guide. You can also run reports to show all solos and ensemble marked pieces.

    One of the things on my list to do is to be able to search and report on solos for specific instruments such as trombone.

    I am planning to complete the instrument and loaning system before I start on the other bits. The sheet music loan system is up and running, just not the instrument loaning system.
  5. Hells Bones

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    Is this a program that we download from your site or do we input the information onto an online database?
  6. awalker

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    Currently it is a standalone application which means it has to be installed on to a computer. A web-based version, or backend database could be planned for the future!
  7. bassmittens

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    Like the sound of this!

    Will it accept bulk files as uploads to start with?

    I believe our music catalogue is on Excel (or MS Access) and it would be good if there was an upload facility.
  8. awalker

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    At this moment in time it does not accept uploads, but I would be more than willing to upload the data into the database to get you started.
  9. winterman

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    It's a good start there, well done.. Will follow your progress with interest. :D

    Very similar to two projects I am currently working on. There are not enough of these sort of products available for brass bands at the moment and there's nothing wrong with a bit of, friendly, competition or even possible future partnership/integration. :D

    Keep up the good work and feel free to drop us a line if you want to chat further/exchange ideas and so on.

    Have sent you a PM with some further thoughts.
  10. johnmartin

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    Great idea, I'd be interested in following the progress.

    I've got a quick and dirty PHP/MySQL based music library database online at

    Thats just a copy for me to do enquiries on when I'm away from home. The real one runs on a server in the bandhall.
  11. music and intrument programme


    I am interested in purchasing your programme. I teach in seven schools mainly out of hours from infants,primary and secondary. We teach around 70 children and as you can understand the turnover of music and instruments can be high.
    I attempt to keep a written record but I think I can use your programme to keep on top of situation.
    Is it possible to ahve more information on costing i,e postage and updates.


    Norman Walker ( West Pelton Community Brass Band )
  12. BryonySnell

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    This sounds good. :clap:

    I started a similar thing using access for our music library but I haven't had the time to develop it properly.

    I would be interested to see a web-based version come out of this with logins so a number of members could access the system and perhaps for different things.

    Eg. Librarian - music catalogue
    Property Manager - instrument/accessories/Jacket inventory
    Secretary - Band member details (addresses etc), attendance register, mailing lists
  13. Columbo

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    Why? Who's lost a brass band??? LOL!
  14. awalker

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    Something I am working on is a user management system which would allow users to access to different areas depending on their permissions. Hopefully, this should be ready by the end of the bank holiday.

    In the short-term, there will not be a web based version as such, but there will be an option where you can opt to have the tables in the system linked to a MySQL server. This means that the system can be installed on pc's in a variety of locations and have access the same data. To make things easier to setup, the MySQL server will be provided by myself and a unique database/login for you to access the data.
  15. awalker

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    The first major release of this system is now available along with a free 7 day demo. For more information visit
  16. awalker

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    Due to the amount of requests, I have pushed forwarded the release of the web version of the database system.

    Basically, it is the same as the standalone version but it connects to a MySQL backend instead and still uses MS Access as a frontend.

    So you can now install the frontend at various locations (such as the homes of committee members) and all use the same database.

    For more information and important version notes, look at
  17. awalker

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    Been a bit of a while, but I have been working really hard and the latest version has just been released (version 1.5) - with many new features.

    The following new features have been added as listed in the first post:

    • User security
    • User preferences
    • Improved navigation
    • Finance module
    • Contests module
    • Engagements module
    • Instruments module (including loaning of instruments)
    Also, the following points from other posts have been integrated into the system:

    • Search and report on solo music for specific instruments
    • Search and report on ensemble music
    • Instrument and Inventory loaning system
    • Advanced user permissions system
    One of the biggest changes is that it now uses a MySQL database backend. This means that the system can be easily linked over a local area network and, in theory, over the Internet (a little more work to do on this part :)).

    I have also reviewed pricing. There is now a one of fee of £25. Yearly fees only exist if you want support, etc and more information can be found on our website. TMP members can also get 15% off using the coupon code TMPSYM2010 during checkout.

    If you are upgrading to the new version, please contact us first for further information.

    For more information, screenshots and videos (we adding more soon), please visit our website at

    You can also view the system roadmap which sets out future fixes and features and approximate release dates at

    This is still a very new system, so if you have questions, comments or ideas, then please let me know :biggrin:.
  18. timbloke

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    Wow. Wish I'd spotted this before. I've often thought it'd be a great idea and wished I had the talent to set something up. I will investigate further, and probably persuade the band to invest.

    Thanks and best of luck in continuing the development.:clap:
  19. awalker

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    Thanks for the comment. I'm currently working on a demo system and will post here as soon as it is ready.

    Hopefully you can get a brief idea of what the system can do and looks like from the website, but if you would like to see any extra features (maybe more relevant to your band), then feel free to ask. I'm always looking for ways to improve and advance it. :idea:
  20. iancwilx

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    Another thought.
    Perhaps all players could be "Chipped" with info about which band they are registered with, and electronically tagged so the Band Sec could instantly check online where the bums were that should be on those empty seats at band practice !

    I'm only jossing of course so the grim faced humourless tmpers can put away their truncheons and the tekkies can spare me the technical gobbledygook as to why it would be impracticable !!

    - Mr Wilx