NEW Besson Prestige 2052 Euphonium VALVE RESEVOIR

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  1. I have recently purchased a the new Besson 2052 Prestige Euphonium. I bought a valve resevoir which was described as for Baritone, Euphonium and Tuba from Windcraft and have found that it doesn't quite fit. The 'nipples' on the bottom of my valves are just slightly too big for the secure fit of the valve resevoir.
    Has anyone else had a similar problem or found a valve resevoir, moisture trap etc etc, that fits the NEW 2007 2052 Euphonium?
  2. Please someone help?! Somebody must have a valve resevoir for their Old Prestige atleast? If so, which one? I believe the sizes are the same??
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    Why dont you take it to a garage or similar and get them to bore the holes out slightly with a drill? Or get small file and file it out to fit?

    Im a farmer, so rough and ready is my middle name, thats what Id do!! but Im sure that would solve your problem, from what I can gather from your post.
  4. Do you think a basic metal file from the relivant department at my school would be adequate?
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    Yes I would imagine so, or you could just have a word with Windcraft and they could shed some light why it doesnt fit.

    Either way they should be told about it cos,
    1) youve paid your money and are not happy with the part you bought
    2) the company that makes them needs to know that they dont fit (thats if its not a one-off defective part!) so that they could start making alterations to the parts themselves, before flogging them!
  6. I'm sure i can send it back. I'm sure the part isn't defective because i have another one which i thought was different from Normans but that one is exactly the same and doesn't fit, in the same way. So i guess it's just the new Euph's 'nipples' are bigger than before. I still would like to know if anyone managed to get one for the OLDER Besson Prestige, like a few years old, because I can't imagine the new one would make changes to such an insignificant part. But, make in a different factory, i guess it is possible.
  7. Right, I have an answer for myself so i thought i'd post it in case anyone else happened to have the same problem. I've just spoken to Steve Mead and he said he has a meeting in France tomorrow with Buffet Crampon and that they are intending to make a new valve resevoir which will fit the new instrument but he doesn't know yet when that will be. He will find out. But to clear things up, yes the new Besson Prestige does have larger 'nipples'. lol Meaning old and other valve troughs won't fit.
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    I've found one that fits

    :) I also bought a new 2007 Besson Prestige 2052 and wanted a valve reservoir for it as the reservoir off my old euphonium would not fit. I hunted round and actually found one that fits on Ebay.

    The current link for one for sale is:

    These valve reservoirs are often available, just search under the euphonium section and chose the valve reservoirs with the black ends.

    FYI, I chose this one over others as it had black ends that matched the valve tops ;) , but it also has larger holes and fits the new Besson Prestige 2052 Euphonium beautifully.

    Chris Stephenson
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    Buffet Crampon/ Besson are aware that water reservoirs weren't supplied with the new Prestige models, but they are supposed to be making them available to order/ collect from the supplier you purchased your Euph from asap :)