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    Today i went to pick up my new Bb bass which the band had got for me! When i got home i looked at and its looks smaller! Or something! Where on an older Besson sov u would have the little plate at the bottom that is not there on this bass! the valves seem closer to you, The pipe at the top is closer to the bell! Has anyone else recently got one?!

    Why would this be?! Because the company besson took over so though they would change it or is it some kind of different model even though it still says BE-994?!

    Thanks Matt
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    Besson (or whoever owns them now) have changed the design of the 994. The statement is:

    The newly designed BE994 BBb Tuba retains the 483mm-19" inch diameter bell as the earlier model, but it is now shorter, putting the player completely in touch with this instrument's superb sound. From "pianissimo to the strongest fortissimo" Besson gives the musician an instrument that is unequaled in quality and performance. The BE994 Tuba demonstrates perfect intonation throughout the registers and provides an immense dynamic range and powerful low register.

    So it is now shorter but maintains the same kind of quality as its predecessor.

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    Our 2 994's were bought at different times, 1st one around 1995, and 2nd in 1999. The newer one is shorter than the older one, you notice the difference looking at the gap between the top bow in relation to the bell. I did notice the valve position alittle, but it never phased me shifting from one to the other. Dont know about the plate your referring to on the bottom tho.

    So not that new a design.
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    My band got 2 Sovereign Bbbs in 1995 with lottery money in 1994 - one is two inches shorter than the other even though they are identical models and the serial numbers almost identical!
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    C'mon guys - size doesn't matter! It's what you do with it............. :oops:
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    So, let me get this straight, your band bought a new bass for you, (costing, I'm guessing here, I have no idea of current retail prices of Bb basses, erm, £2000-£4000 ??? ), but they didn't consider letting you try out one or two examples, just to see what you were comfortable with ... ?

    Am I the only one slightly dumbfounded here ... ?
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    It does seem a little odd. You wouldn't spend that kind of money on a car without test driving it first. I think the same should be said for a new BBb Bass, they do cost between £4,000-£5,000. Especially considering the new (or not very new but more recent) design, you need to know that you are comfortable with the intstrument and can sit comfortably when playing it.
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    Unfortunately, there aren't any to try! There all made to order so far I think, and I wasn't aware of ANY being made besides Miraphone and LMI at the moment. Certainly not "new" Besson or York? Unless I'm very wrong?
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    That probably has more to do with Besson's build quality at the time, than any design differences! ;)
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    No Ian , having played both I can confirm they are really well made basses and two different models ( the later version is the 994 slightly shorter but wider Bb) , maybe the last of the old type and the first batch of the newer version. at least they are not in the condition of the infamous menai bridge " smelly bass" which is a mega instrument , unfortunatly for any one who plays it a dose of metal poisoning goes with it :(