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    As many of you will be aware, the second BBA CD has been in the making over the course of the last 11 months. A mammoth task which has finally come to completion in the form of, 'Into Africa'
    At the back end of last year, I approached a number of well known and a couple of not so wel known composers. Each were asked to compose a piece and donate it to BBA. The brief, the music was to relate in some way to Africa. The response was amazing.
    To avoid recording costs, premiere brass bands and small ensembles in the UK and around the world were approached and asked to record a piece at one of their own recording sessions and pass it back to me for inclusion on the CD. Well the CD is ready and will be launched this weekend at Harrogate, thats working on the premise that the postman arrives on time!

    Composers who took part: Alan Fernie, Bob Childs, Darrol Barry, Peter Meechan, Rodney Newton, Torstein Aagard Nilson, Roy Newsome, Mnozil Brass, Ian Robisnson,Jan Magne Forde, Lucy Pankhurst, and Gavin Higgins ad Stephen Barber.

    The Bands:, Black Dyke, Buy As You View, Fairey Band, GUS, Mount Charles, IP Brass, Leyland, Scottish Co op, Mnozil Brass, Wingates, Prairie Brass USA, Royal International Nova Scotia Tatto Brass Band, Welsh National Youth Band and the BBA Celebrity Brass Band.
    As a real bonus, most of the composers have donated the copyrights to BBA, so most of the music contained oon the CD will also be available for sale, including the track, Do They Know Its Christmas, arranged by Alan Fernie for the original BBA CD.

    We have already taken advance sales of over £3000, so its looking like another success for the school in Ethiopia.
    You will also be able to purchase the CD from the BBA website, and the music of course (when we eventualy resolve the problem with the server!)
    The CD is priced at £10.00 + £ 2.00 p&p.
    Come along and see us at the weekend.
    ps, apologies if I have missed anyone out, but I am snookered! zzzzzzzzzzzzz
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    Good luck with the CD sales Bob. Looking forward to having a listen!

  3. Bob Thompson

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    Never mind a listen, how many are you going to buy!!
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    I'll definately be getting a copy at Harrogate - well done! :biggrin:
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    Nice one sparkling, try and get the rest of your crew to buy some too, hey, great Christmas presents!
    See you down there.
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    Bob kindly let me hear a demo of this at "Brass in the Park", and it's ace.

    My two tunes are fine, if a little quicker than I imagined them to be, and Darroll's piece is great fun. Peter Meechan's tune is a wonderful example to all composers that "less is more", and there is a 1970's style American TV comedy theme from Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen - seriously!

    Mnozil Brass give us 2 minutes of utter mayhem which I guarantee will make you laugh, and the Brazz Brothers show everyone how it should be done.

    Please buy this - it has something for everyone, and you can also help by buying some of the tunes for your band to play (I believe they are being released at Harrogate).
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    Nice one Alan, laughing my socks off re American TV comedy, you 'll so go to the depths of the firnace for that one! Smiles.
    In my haste to get something on tmp re the launch of the new cd I forgot to mention a few people, the recording companies! And there were quite a few, here they are,
    KMJ recordings, Nic Childs and Doyen, who did hundreds for us!Jeff Philips, SOund Marketing USA, P01, Villiers, Canada,Roland Bauham/Mnozil Brass,BH SOund Services,Dolce Productions, Matt Arundel and Eric Foster, and Richard Scott.
    SP&S for an increible offer, which I wont go into here, and of course Gerard from GK Designs.
    Im sure I will have mised folk out but hey, this is not the oscars!
    Endless thanks for all those wo assisted in this project, yet again you have and are making that difference.
    It just remains for me to say,Have you seen the Godfather? Yes! Well get ya tenners out
    and buy it , you know it makes sense.
    bob. BBA
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    I'm not saying that this is a bad thing! - far from it; I wish I'd thought of it!!!
  9. KMJ Recordings

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    Peter Meechan's piece is stonking - and I'd urge everyone to rush out and buy it - even before they've heard it :clap:
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    We are still having problems with the BBA website so please keep with us. If anyone would like to purchase the new CD, please order from the website, but also send me an e mail advising that you wish to purchase Into Africa, as currently it is only set op for the original CD.
    Hope this isnt to confusing!
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    It just struck me when looking at how many peolple had visited this thread, 205. If they all purchased a CD, that would be sufficient to build a classroom! How cool would that be.
    Just a thought!