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    YBS are delighted to have signed the highly regarded Gareth Sykes on Bass Trombone.
    Gareth, who is originally from Pontefract but now lives in the North East of England, has spent the last six years with the Reg Vardy Band and has been involved in one of the most successful periods in the bands history.
    With the chance to return home and play for a top Yorkshire band once more Gareth jumped at it.
    When asked about the move Gareth stated “When an opportunity like this comes along you take it with both hands. I’m very much looking forward to working with Morgan and the band in this exciting new era”.
    Gareth who during the day is an IT Manager for a large manufacturing company is hoping for a long and successful relationship with the band.
  2. MarkGillatt

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    O M G ! :eek:

    Do you guys know what you have let yourselves in for? The sounds and smells from Gareth are legendary in the Frickley bandroom.
    Good luck to you all!
    Go on Gareth, part some hair lad!!!
  3. Bones

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    Having spent many a happy hour (mainly 6am Trimdon Villages Durham Miners Gala) I can vouch for his musicianship, bandsmanship and genuine large capacity for cider (so much more than a breakfast drink).

    Seriously, he's a top bloke and the YBS should consider themselves fortunate that he joins the ranks of silly so and so's willing to drive hundreds of miles for their banding kicks.

    Have a good one gaz, see you soon.

  4. McChambo

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    Gareth hasn't changed much in 15 years. Judging by the expression on his face, I don't think he was too impressed with the blue jumper uniform.

    All the best Gareth! ;-)

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  5. Ali

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    Just make sure that Vader doesnt turn the rest of the trombone section towards the dark side!
  6. Mrs Fruity

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    Fill ya boots Gaz mate. :clap: :clap:

    I'm slowly regaining the hearing in my left ear, but you'll be pleased to know Statdler's working hard to rectify this position ;)
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  7. weenie

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    Well done GAZ!!!!!!

    Hopefully see ya around in the coming months.

    p.s. (can I have your autograph now you're famous?) ;-)
  8. S Carey

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    Ooh, Gareth, look out!!! Your landlord is behind you!!!

    (There's no fooling us with that false beard! Mind, I can't see the usually football shirt. You know, the one with the bird**** down the front).
  9. Lauradoll

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    Ho ho excellent!! Will be chuckling all day.

    Will miss you at band though Gaz, I'll have to find someone else to spill vodka over and help me regurgitate the contents of my stomach when leaning the coach.

    Good luck mate xx
  10. Jonnys

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    Good to see that Gareth is playing in a proper area again!
    Mind you, I'm not sure how he will look in green?
    Possibly a resemblance to the Sweetcorn green giant????
    [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][​IMG]
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