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    How difficult would it be to organise a Brass Band concert on a Park Bandstand? To their credit Hull City Council have provided an excellent facilty in East Park. They have been very vague and PC about usage of the Bandstand and no formal calendar has been published. However we have managed to book a Date on Sunday 18th May with The East Riding of Yorkshire Band. The park gets very busy on sunny weekends and there is potential for a good audience. It would be good if some other Bands local and otherwise were able to fill some other dates through the year. There are no fees but I have an agreement that a collection can be made. If anyone is interested I can help with contact details for the appropriate council personnel, roll on "the sound of an English Summer"

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    East Riding of Yorkshire Band had a very successful outing with the first Brass Band Bandstand concert for 60 years in East Park Hull. The event was sponsored by Smiles Dental of Hull and Cottingham. The feedback from band sponsors and public was very positive with everyone asking why they couldn't have a Band on every week. Unfortunately at the moment the council have no money for this! However I will continue to lobby the council and try and interest other local business to support the Bandstand. The East Park Team were very supportive and it is a very busy place in the summer with lots of young families probably hearing a Brass Band live for the first time. It would be great if at least one other band could play there this summer.
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    What you are doing to bring live music to the people of Hull is great.

    A few suggestions:
    # Play there yourself once a month. The audience will likely be mostly new and those that have heard you before might not mind hearing some of what you play again.
    # Looking at the map of bands ( there are but a few brass bands in the area. If you have not contacted them direct already then I suggest you do so and maybe ask the council to do so too.
    # Brass Bands are of course the best but there are a few wind bands and other playing groups about. Worth a search on the web and a few telephone calls etc asking open questions. Also talk to Hull LEA in case they have any adult groups that could put something on.

    Good luck and well done.
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    Thanks 2nd Tenor, The obvious candidates are Driffield Beverley, Barton 10 piece or community, Barnetby and maybe EYMS at a push. It's an easy run along the M62 for West Riding bands and not too difficult for York bands either. Hulljazz have an active saxophone choir and there is the Humberside Police Wind Band. I am sure the use of the Bandstand would be free but we did have to hire in seating and public address. Jennifer at the East Park team has been very helpful and it would be terrific if the Bandstand could be used like Wetherby and the Leeds Concert season Bandstand programme. It's a shame that in the Lead up to City of Culture 2017 that we can't find council money to support local musical ensembles to bring live music to the community.
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    It's good that you have a few more groups in mind and are open minded about what the groups should look like. The small community I live in and a slightly bigger one near by have 'bands in the park' monthly through the summer - I'd be happier if there was something on every week (whether good or not) as folk would get into the habit of going or at least considering what might be on 'down the park' this week. Local customs varie but here we don't bother about hiring in chairs or a PA system for the public. Once folk know they turn up with their deck chairs and rugs, sometimes they hear what the chap with the stick is saying and sometimes not. Whatever, so long as they are having a nice time it really doesn't matter to me. No chairs and no PA might mean donations are down but so are costs, etc. .... all a balance. So long as the band has somewhere to sit and is not be too weather beaten then (IMHO) all is well enough.
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    Hull certainly isn't too far for bands from Doncaster, so maybe worth getting in touch with Margaret at Hatfield.
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    Thanks John I will do that.

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