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    Foresters Brass 2000 is about the undertake the task of building its own bandroom. Just wonder if anyone who's perhaps been involved in a similar project can give me any advice? Which grants are worth persuing, which are a waste of time? How much did you have to raise/ That kind of thing... We've been in a church for the last few years, but are being squeezed out by yoga and line dancers!
    Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Don't have much knowledge of what my band did, but pretty sure Lottery Grant was the main thing. I'd like to know myself too whether all of this 2012 Olympics funding is going to affect grants for organisations from the government side...? If you have a Youth Band or big detailed plans for a youth band then i'm sure that helps HUGELY.
    Any grants are easier to get for youth bands for certain.
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    Thanks Sam - yes we are discussing links with a local youth band with a view to possibly creating a joint bandroom... am sure you're right that that'll help. Ref the 2012 Olympics - that's why we're getting in now, just the funding all dries up!
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    I don't know how big your village/town is but when we built our bandroom in 1987/88 we asked local people (with a bit of cash) to pledge £1000 as an interest free loan to be paid back as and when the band could afford it.

    Each time we had £1000 in the kitty we would draw out the name of one of the people who had given us a loan and would then repay it. Some did not want the money back and so we were able to wipe the debt clean and offer the £1000 to the next person out of the hat.

    You would need some sort of written agreement from each person loaning the money so that they did not suddenly need the money and you were unable to repay it.

    This also makes the community aware of what you are trying to achieve and you may also get help from local builders and suppliers of materials who can let you have things at cost price. One of our local builders supplied brick layers at his cost once the foundations were laid.

    Best of luck with your project but make sure that it does not interfere with the running of the band. We were guilty of concentrating too much on the premises and not enough on our music.
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    Having spent some time looking into this - you are far more likely to get a grant if you can demonstrate that you're helping other musical groups in the community. To be bluntly un-PC about it, brass banding seems to be perceived as a white middle-class hobby by those who decide on these things (a quote I've heard was "If you were African drummers this would be a lot easier!") and thus not as deserving as more "minority" musicial groups.
    You are far more likely to get funding for a "community music centre" than a "bandroom".
    If there is a local group near you that helps local organisations apply for grants, get them involved, they will be a massive help and may even put you in touch with other funding sources (the Lottery is by no means the only one).
    Good luck, and also bear in mind that you'll need a business plan for at least 3 years, and may need to put up 10% of the funding yourself. It's a lot of work.
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    Thanks for these suggestions - we're in Leicester so that would probably mean cashing in on any kind of 'community spirit' would be quite difficult (but certainly well worth a try), but the positive thing is it's a VERY multicultural community and I'm sure there's some mileage in looking at getting more diverse groups involved....
  7. From my smallish experience of applying for grants for our band, it's very hard to generalise about the grants. It's well worth finding out as much as possible about the group or person who decides about where their money is allocated. This can be anyone and they may want different things such as:
    Video diary of how you spend the money
    To benefit the widest number of people
    For money to be spent on capital purchases
    For money to be spent within 2 months of recieving it... etc etc

    Finding out what they are looking for is the key to success. The application and key details may have to change for each application. It's unlikely that your best option is going to be 'copy and pasting' the application to different funds etc.
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    Why don't you give Phil Plant a call, I know it's been a while but he ( or someone else over there) might be able to remember what they had to do when they built theirs.
  9. if theres anyone in Todmorden Community band on tmp then get in touch with them
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    Hi, I hope I can help, I was involved in building both bandrooms for Loughborough band. (the first one was burnt down by vandals).
    Initially contact your local council and ask them if you can lease a plot of land, if your organization is open to the whole community, i.e. anyone can join, you should get a suitable plot of land on a 99 year lease for a very small fee, ours was £12 per year for a 30' x 50' plot.
    Funding is difficult, but if you are prepared to do some of the work yourself you can save a fortune. Your council will provide various grants, and will have a list of trust funds and firms who donate to local organizations, again stress that you are open to all the community and have a active youth training policy.
    British gypsum donated and delivered all our plasterboard, harlows timber provided materials at a discounted rate, all we had to do was write to them and other local companies.
    Once you have sourced your grants and materials, totel them up, the lottery will usually match the amount you have raised for yourselves.
    I don't want to make it sound easy, it's not but I hope I've given you some ideas.
    As a start I'm willing to donate the electrical installation for the premises from my company, provided it's not too excessive! Maybe you could run some ads in your concert programs in return? PM me if your interested, or want any advice.

    Ian Williams (Managing Director, Sparks electrical service Ltd.)
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    A massive thanks to Ian for this generous offer... and to everyone for the advice so far. I'm starting to realise this is going to be a massive task, but will certainly take on board all the suggestions I've had. Now, if there are any generous builders / plasterers / carpet fitters and indeed landowners in the Leicester area...??!!
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    Try this link on the SBBA website. There's an email address for the band if you need more info.
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    Thanks John... really interesting link. Reinforcing what a big task this is, and I'm dubious I'll find our local councillor quite so supportive (made first contact a fortnight ago, not hear a whisper back yet!!)... Good to know it can be done though!
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    Matching funds

    Another general point is to check who your members work for. A number of companies have quite generous 'matching fund' schemes for employees involved in charity fund raising.