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  1. Hi folks

    just thought I'd pass on a useful tip. We recently had 14 band jackets destroyed by mice in our band room, and so had to get some replacements. As it turns out we decided to get 26 new ones, as the remaining jackets were quite old and tatty.

    We approached our ususal, and probably your, band jacket supplier and were quoted £221 per jacket plus delivery. That was a bit more than I expected so we contacted a tailor in Manchester who has made some band jackets, but is only just starting to do them. They are long established in the field of country and hunt /riding wear etc. We requested that any jackets they made must match our exsisting ones exactly, and as such gave them a sample jacket to copy. We took delivery of them last night and I have to tell you that they have managed to match every aspect perfectly, colour, cut, braiding, buttons etc, and the price was £171 each giving us a saving of over £1200 on the order. And, as a final touch, delivery was completed in under two weeks from ordering.:tup

    One last thing, despite being insured for many years with a well known specialist brass band insurance at a cost of over £500 per year, and having never made a claim, it turned out our equipment isn't covered for vermin damage, so if this happens to you make sure you arrange a terrible fire or flood etc (only joking):rolleyes: maybe
  2. DublinBass

    DublinBass Supporting Member

    Fantastic tip Steve!!
  3. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    If you are recommending this company - would it be in order to let us all know their name?
  4. yes, having now received the jackets I would recommend the company, and I must emphasise that they matched our exsisting jackets so they would be suitable if you want to add just a few jackets rather thatn just for completely new sets.

    They are called Alexander James of Pendulbury. Web site
  5. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    Thanks - that's useful to know.
  6. Lotta

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    We had some jackets from Alexander James too and we were well impressed with the jackets and the service they provided - worth looking into if you need extra few doing. :tup
  7. Crazysop

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    We also had some jackets made by alexander james, they came to the bandroom to measure us up and even delivered the jackets. They matched our jackets extremely well too. Defo recommend them.
  8. GJacko

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    We recently had a full set from a company called Leisurewear Direct in Buxton. They look just like the expensive jackets and a fraction of the price. They can also do your tee shirts, sweatshirts, banners, fleeces............socks, underpants etc.

    Their web site is Ask for Jane and mantion Leicester Co-op Band.
  9. satchmo shaz

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    yeah we use them too Jacko, not bad are they?;)
  10. alanl58

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    Just a word of caution to anyone buying new jackets, learnt from years of kitting out soldiers in the TA.

    Ony purchase standard, stock sizes.

    The price rockets when you have them made "bespoke", so an off the shelf item is far better than something "made to measure".

    This has the added advantage that should a player leave, (or put on weight!), then there will be a standard size jacket for the next person to use.....

    After all, unless yours is a very rich band, you should be looking to get ten years wear out of them, and a lot of people will come and go in that time.

    Thanks for the lead for suppliers, just what I have been looking for


    PS anyone have any old red short concert style jackets they would like to sell?!
  11. GJacko

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    OK!! Everyone stop drinking?????????????????
  12. BIG Paul

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    We also used Alexander James for a while, had five jackets first, but they made them without music pockets. 2nd time had two jackets made, they had the spec and a sample jacket but still made the jackets without epellets, when asked to bring them to the spec provided and sample provided we were told that they would not undo the sleeves to fit eppelletes? properly.

    As a personal view I would not recomend this company and will not be using them again
  13. Bass Trumpet

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    I've a better idea! Has anybody ever considered that a bolero jacket covered in gold braid looks a little bit daft in this day and age? Many bands are moving away from traditional uniforms to something a bit more contemporary. If bands were to move to a more relaxed way of dressing, it would eliminate the need for expensive bespoke jackets costing hundreds of pounds. A band all wearing dinner jackets (like Redbridge) looks just as smart, as is a band just wearing matching shirts/waistcoats like YBS. It also makes it easier when deps have to be booked. I speak from experience here, as I happen to be of a more portly stature, and have often depped for bands who then can't find a big enough jacket!

    We don't play 1950's instruments any more, so why not change our attire?
  14. persins

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    Whooaaa there!! Lets not go silly!!


    To follow up on the point regarding moving to a more contemporary dress code, I personally feel that little bit better when wearing the silly scrambled egg ridden jackets!! I'm not sure why but for me, it adds that little extra sense of ocassion to the job. I can see your point though that it is restrictive on those players that aren't a standard size. I'm sure that many actually feel much more uncomfortable in them as often, they don't come anywhere near to fitting properly.
  15. Owen S

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    While I can see several of the advantages of modernising band uniform, I do wonder what bands that wear black tie on the contest stage wear for outside performance, particularly things like marching or carolling. Does anyone know?
  16. Steve

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    Erm, walking out's with their logo on?!?!?!
  17. chizzum

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    I do have to agree that it is wonderful to watch Y.B.S. when they are on stage not just for their playing but their uniform is so different to any other top section bands its a nice change to to waistcoats! The green shirts work fantastically and i think more bands should use different coloured shirts like them!
  18. backrowbloke

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    Interesting, I had a discussion with some ppl about uniforms at areas the weekend.
    We just got a set of walking outs - £30 each for navy blazers including the embroidery.

    Two other bands I spoke to over the weekend have either just purchased / or have ordered sets of blazers - similar style, embroidered etc from the main uniform supplier - standard sizes, but over £60 each. It seem to me that most bands automatically go for the well known suppliers.

    As for wearing monkey jackets - my personal preference is to not wear them. Unless you get a bolero jacket tailored, it looks terrible. I'd rather go for a YBS style uniform any day.
  19. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    and these jackets don't really suit..... how shall I put this without causing offence.....the slightly more ample sized players? These jackets tend to ride up and the audience can get a wonderful view of lets say lower back. I could cite an example of this style of dress but I won't in case it causes any offence.
  20. chizzum

    chizzum Member

    hmm very discretely said!

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