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    Please can you help us spread the word about our new, traditional brass band, NLB Muswell Hill, launching on Wednesday evenings in London N10 from 15 June 2011.

    This new Muswell Hill band is part of the North London Brass network, currently running brass bands in Edmonton N9 on Monday nights, Enfield on Wednesday nights and Southgate Concert Band on Friday nights in N14.

    NLB Muswell Hill is led by Bandmaster Paul Hooper BA (Hons) LRSM DipMus, a fine trombonist working with HM Irish Guards and a member of the Regent Hall Central London Salvation Army Band.

    We have a core, at launch, of about a dozen players. We are seeking new joiners on all instruments and we welcome both experienced and learner players of all ages and current ability.

    It can be a tough job starting a band from scratch in a new area, but this is the fourth one we've set up in North London since January 2010 and we've found that there are plenty of lapsed adult players and eager learners out there looking for the right opportunity to come and play... the hard bit is getting the message out to the right places.

    Please let us know if you are interested in coming along at the launch, occasionally or more regularly if your other commitments allow, to support us or if you know of anyone in the London N10 area who might be interested in learning or playing with us.

    Our rehearsal address is:

    NLB Muswell Hill
    Muswell Hill Methodist Church
    28 Pages Lane
    Muswell Hill
    London N10 1PP

    We are rehearsing on Wednesday evenings, initially between 7.30pm and 9.30pm. NLB Muswell Hill players have the opportunity to participate in North London Brass Massed Bands concerts (approx 80 players) and may also be selected for NLB Staff Band for special events.

    I can be contacted as follows:

    Martyn Stogden - NLB Director

    You can read more info about our brass banding, jazz, choral and orchestral projects on our website at

    Thanks for your interest - there is a brass banding revival in North London and we need all the help we can get! M
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