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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Mr Ratty, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Mr Ratty

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    I have started to compile some of my compositions and arrangments and publish them on my bands website. There's audio samples of some of the works and some pdf samples of the scores and parts.

    Please visit to have a look and listen.

    If you would like a score/parts for any of the pieces I am offering them for FREE. Also any feedback would be apreciated.


  2. eflatbass

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    There's some good stuff there, Lee. Best of luck with your endeavours.
  3. Mr Ratty

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    Thanks for that Barry, and thanks to anyone who has been in touch so far. Keep the requests coming in.

  4. geordiecolin

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    Having known Lee for a number of years now, I have played many of his compositions and arrangements and have watched him develop from a casual hobby arranger to a composer and producer of quality arrangements in his own right. Many of Lee's more recent works are, in my opinion top notch.

    I recommend that any band look at the free music on the website because I wouldn't be surprised if he gets publishing offers and then you'll all have to pay!

    I particularly recommend Call of the Colliery and Harton Lea.
  5. its_jon

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    I second that !.....

    Really top class work. :tup
  6. Mr Ratty

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    Thanks Colin & John. I've had a nother 3 emails re: the music thanks to your posts. North East Suit is proving popular.

    I intend to add some more music this week/weekend, so keep and eye on the website everyone.

    1. A horn solo (which Westoe ran through last night). It seemed to work although has no title yet.
    2. Audio sample and score for a 'Coventry Christmas'.
    3. 'Geordies Jaunt' - Eup Solo based on 'Geordies lost his penker'.
  7. westoe_horn

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    Another one recommending Lee's arrangements. We've done quite a few over the last couple of years and they really are top class.

    Currently playing Lee's upbeat arrangement of Faure's 'Pavane' which is excellent and the North east Folk Suite always seems to go down well at jobs.

    You'll have to have a competition to name that horn solo......
  8. its_jon

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    I forgot to place a link on the FMFK Links page to the Westoe Band website
    Home of Lee Morris compositions.

    Fixed now :D

    Thanks again Lee.
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  11. its_jon

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    Awesome !

    I can see the chaos as the penny bounces around on the floor :)
  12. MicahParsons

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    Hello Mr Lee
    Really enjoyed the Euphonium Solo Caprice no.9 (ive actually been looking for a Paganini solo after a friend of mine played one i really enjoy his music)