New Band Forming in Leominster, Herefordshire

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by ktsbsop, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. ktsbsop

    ktsbsop New Member

    If anyone in the Leominster, Hereford Ludlow area is interested in playing in a new Brass Band we are hoping to form one in Leominster in 2011.
    There is quite a lot of interest locally & following a couple of meetings last year with the British Legion & the Town Council we are having a first practice on Friday 14th January 2011 in the British Legion Club at 7.30pm.
    There have been several bands in the area which have folded in the past & we think now is the time to try to reverse the trend
    Any players who are interested can just turn up & we'll take it from there.

    Fingers crossed. Phil :)
  2. rookiebari

    rookiebari Member

    Good luck Phil. Great to things going on in Herefordshire. How did your first practice go? We are your friendly neighbours in Abergavenny.
  3. ktsbsop

    ktsbsop New Member

    Was Good. Early days yet though. There were twelve players I think. If you know anyone over this way let them know.
  4. rookiebari

    rookiebari Member

    That's great, well done! We don't really know anyone in Herefordshire, but I said in our committee meeting that we ought to because they're our neighbours. I've been in touch with Ross and Hereford concert because that was all I could find in Herefordshire.

    We are very friendly with another local non-contesting/soon to be 4th section band who have just reformed. We go down and dep for them sometimes and when our training band players are good enough they go there and play as well. Hopefully they might be able to help us out sometime when we are stuck as well.

    Anyone who's keen to do more is welcome to come and have a blow with us, we are a Tue, Thu band.

    Good luck

  5. heldan666

    heldan666 New Member

    Hi Phil
    Brilliant news!!! :clap:
    I'm from Leominster but live in Stockport. I heard about the band from my mum who still lives there. I learnt to play Euphonium at Leominster Junior school with Stan Davies then had lessons from your conductor Pete Gittins for many years after. I went on to study at Salford and I'm currently playing with Hoover Bolton Band.
    When I come down to Leominster would I be able to come for a blow??

    Hope it really takes off as Leominster used to have several bands and groups that have now disappeared.
    Please pass on my regards to Pete and anyone else who remembers me!

    Helen Rochard (now Mossman)
  6. ktsbsop

    ktsbsop New Member

    Hi Helen.
    Great to hear from you & good to know you are still playing.
    You will be most welcome if you are in the area & if you know anyone locally who plays & might like to join, let them know.
    We had a donation last week from a local business to help get us started so fingers crossed we can keep it going.


  7. cornishpirate

    cornishpirate New Member

    Fantastic to hear this news given that mostly we hear of bands packing up! Good luck!
  8. rookiebari

    rookiebari Member

    Hi Phil,

    Are you still practising on a Friday? I have to come up to Leominster tomorrow and wondered if I could come for a blow?

  9. ktsbsop

    ktsbsop New Member

    Hi there. Yes we'll be there. You are more than welcome. British Legion club 7.30.

  10. rookiebari

    rookiebari Member

    Thanks guys I really enjoyed it tonight. Good luck with the job next week.
  11. ktsbsop

    ktsbsop New Member

    Thanks for coming. Have a good day out with the truck next week & we hope to see you again sometime.