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    September 2007 sees the start of an exciting new season for Wingates. Their continuing success has meant that in November they will be representing the UK and West Houghton (Bolton) at the US Open.

    However, this level of success comes at a price, namely the cost of getting the band members ‘across the pond’ so if anyone would like to donate in any way towards this cause, have a look at the bands website

    Helping hand

    Wingates have a long-standing relationship with the folk group Houghton Weavers and are taking along with them their lead singer Tony Berry as a guest in the two concerts. The main contest will feature some new compositions and arrangements by the bands two ‘in-house’ composer/arrangers, John Parkinson and Lucy Pankhurst and a new arrangement of 'Mambo 5' by the bands Musical Director Andrew Berryman.

    Joining ranks

    Joining the ranks this season are John Clough on Eb Bass and after the departure of Marianne Cliff, Katie Smallwood joins on solo baritone. Graham Hall has returned to the band after a brief spell with Black Dyke and much to the bands delight he takes up the position of Promotions Manager and will also be keeping his lip in as 3rd Eb, but at his own request will not be doing contests!

    Last year the band brought Michael Nyman’s minimalist, idiosyncratic style of music into the brass band repertoire in the shape of a very interesting CD. Those who follow ‘4barsrest’ will know that it was in the top 5 for ‘4barsrest’ CD of the year.

    Nyman Brass 2

    Nyman Brass 2 is in the early stages of development and is likely to include some new music and an arrangement of his solo for flugel and piano.

    Andrew Berryman said: "We should definitely give it a hearing, how uninteresting would music be if we only ever listened to the same thing. When listening to this music you should listen to it like you would eat a box of chocolates, don’t eat them all at once otherwise you will be sick, just have a nibble every now and then."

    Andrew added: "Many of the Nyman sounds are electrifying for brass band and long may the association with Nyman and Wingates continue. Michael is delighted with the connection he has with the band and has recently accepted the position of Honouree President."

    School of Excellence

    The Wingates School of Excellence is also in its early stages, but this year there will be two students in attendance, Ben Berryman and Claire Evans. Both students will attend rehearsals on a regular basis and play in concerts when appropriate. They will receive guidance and inspiration from all members and be given an incite into musical life in a top level band. Perhaps more importantly they will receive a taste of the many musical genres that Wingates now cover.

    Berryman award

    And finally, after two years of very interesting work, Andrew Berryman receives his MA from Salford University in performance, and more specifically, conducting.