New Arrival at EYMS Band

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    The Band is delighted to announce that Gareth Hughes has signed for the Band on EEb Bass. Gareth, originally from the East Riding of Yorkshire, has recently moved back into this area, after taking up a position with the East Riding of Yorkshire County Council as a Senior Research Officer. Gareth orginally moved from the area to attend Newcastle University. Whilst studying there, and later as a post-graduate student at Leeds University, Gareth played with the Northumbria Police Band. Relocating in 2002 to London, Gareth played with several of the capital's bands, including Aveley and Newham, Redbridge Brass, and most recently Thundersley Brass, for whom he competed at the 2006 National Finals.

    Gareth's arrival means a shuffle around within the Bass Section. Stephen Gibson moves from the EEb Bass onto the vacant Principal BBb Bass seat, and Gareth moves onto this now vacant seat. The other players - section leader David Fox (EEb Bass), and Peter Arden (BBb Bass) stay on their respective seats.
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    You've got a fantastic bass player and great bloke to boot!

    Come back to essex, Gareth - we miss ya ;)
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    Your loss is our gain etc..........Welcome to the band, Gareth!!! :clap: