New antique finish trombones available from Helios UK

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    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Helios UK

    Introduce A Brand New Tenor Trombone from Latvia
    [/FONT] nartiss1.jpg nartiss2.jpg nartiss3.jpg nartiss4.jpg [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][h=3]Specification[/h] Bb Pitch

    Antique matted lacquer Finish

    Rose Brass bell
    Yellow brass body
    Nickel silver inner slides with hard chrome plating
    Bell size 215,3 mm
    Bore 13,9 mm
    Lightweight case
    supplied with slide oil, cleaning brush and mouthpiece
    Fantastic looking and easy blowing!

    Brought to the UK Solely by Helios UK
    Vairis Nartiss
    Is one of the brightest Latvian Trombone players, solo performer and owner of Nartiss Latvia
    Helios UK are officially the UK sole distributor of the Nartiss Brand.
    This special offer is an introductory price. £560.00 + £15 P&P

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  3. chrisjohnston

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    That's 8.5" bell and .547" bore in standard trombone measures.
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    Sorry this Trombone has been sold now, however we do have more available on our web site.

    Thanks for looking

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