New antique finish trombones available from Helios UK

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by chrisjohnston, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. chrisjohnston

    chrisjohnston Member

    Helios Uk have the exclusive opportunity to provide Antique finished Trombones.

    Great spec lovely finish.

    Very competitive

    Visit Helios UK

    have a look!
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  3. How is it exclusive?
  4. simonium

    simonium Member

    There's a huge, untapped market for trombones that resemble a knackered Skylark that's been stored in a bandroom for 40 years....
  5. chrisjohnston

    chrisjohnston Member

    Only available from us:biggrin:
  6. chrisjohnston

    chrisjohnston Member

    You would be surprised how many people like these
  7. Are you sure about this? You're the only supplier of antique finish trombones? Hmmm!
  8. chrisjohnston

    chrisjohnston Member

    well we are for this brand yes

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