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    North London Brass is launching a new 100% female, traditional British brass band to be based in London N14 from 3 February 2012.

    North London Brass (NLB) operates a network of thriving, mixed brass bands in Edmonton, Enfield and Muswell Hill, including a training Academy Band and our Southgate Concert Band.

    We want to make a step change to encourage more women and girls to get involved with brass banding and brass playing in general in the North London area.

    Our new band will be called 'Twenty-seven Sisters' and will rehearse on Friday evenings in London N14. We intend to work with local schools and youth organisations to encourage an increasing number of female learners to take up brass. The band will promote excellence and will provide positive role models for young women and, indeed, will be a vehicle for women of all ages to play every desk in the band.

    We are also seeking applications for a professional Conductor for our new band and, of course, we would welcome applications from women who are experienced brass players.

    For more details, please see our website at

    To register your interest or support, please contact us at:


    Telephone: Claire Stogden (Band Secretary) 020 8366 0657
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    Please use this thread for recruitment only. For general discussion about the band, use this thread.
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