New 4th section test piece - The Bold and the Brave

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    The Bold and the Brave

    by Richard Rock (Arranger in Residence at the Fairey Band)

    Written for Fitjar Skulekorps and performed at the Sotrafestivalen contest in Norway (2012) and also the Norweigen Youth Band Nationals (2012).
    The work is adventure music for band telling the story of a hero who rises from the ashes after the death of his parents.

    Three Movements - Into the Unknown, A New Hope, The Final Chapter.

    I. Into the Unknown (sound sample)

    II. A New Hope (sound sample)

    III. The Final Chapter (sound sample)

    Score Sample
  2. ChrisHatch

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    I wonder how many 4th section bands have a vibraphone.
  3. OffBeatPublishing

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    Although you can't see the full part, there are only two notes for the vibes can be practised on a glock and then transferred to the vibes usually provided onstage. Works just as well with a glock in concert too!
  4. euphalogy

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    How many have somebody to play one?

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