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Discussion in 'The Auditorium - Concert Details' started by yorkie19, May 21, 2003.

  1. yorkie19

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    The Nestle-Rowntree band (based in York) are celebrating their 100th anniversary this year.

    To mark their centenary, they are playing a number concerts through the year.

    Next Wednesday, 28th May, will see the band performing a concert in the York Theatre Royal, featuring Roger Webster and Nick Hudson.

    Tickets are still available, and can be obtained from either

    Paul Kind (01904) 426909 or
    Charles Wilson (01484) 453182

  2. geordiecolin

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    Sheffield Union of Students discourages its members from consuming Nestle products for ethical reasons. Does this include consuming the delightful tones of the band?

    only joking :roll:

    hope your concert goes well and congratulations on 100 years!!
  3. Straightmute

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    Please send best wishes for a successful concert. I'm sure that with Roger and Nick there it will be a huge success.

    Sadly, as a former Rowntrees member (1981-1981), I'm already double booked that night and will be appearing simultaneously in both Salford and Harrogate... Otherwise I'd be there without question.


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