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    I am wondering whether anyone could advise. My band have kindly bought me one of these to help my back - I had previously (like, months ago) found instructions on Google as to how to fit it to the bass. I dont know where I found them and cannot seem to locate anything on the web now - I tried to fit it last night and got in a right old pickle.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or experience with this type of thing:oops:?
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    No. never used one.
    When My Back got bad I gave up Marching. That was after Surgery so I could still walk.
    That said I have seen them advertised on Ebay. do a search for Tuba on Musical Instruments and you will find one. seller may be able to help.

    These days I just play sit down jobs , But at least I'm still playing My EEb
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    Hey Charlie

    I got one for Tracy for last weekends remembrance day jobs, it worked great. After me wrestling with it for about three hours ! I figured it out in the end, but there are so many options you can have may happy hours of fun, I'm going to use it for a Christmas party game. If you've not sorted it let me know and I'll pop into rehearsal Monday and try and help.

    Take care

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