NEMBBA Contest At Derby

Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by postie, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. postie

    postie Member

    As the annual contest is drawing nearer, who is going whether you are playing or spectating?

    Its at Rolls Royce, Derby, this Sunday 10th February, 11.30am start.

    My wife and I will be going as spectators as Bestwood are not going this year.
  2. IJK

    IJK Member

    So there is only 4 bands in the 4th Section

    As Ireland are not going to be there either this year due to players away for half term and other commitments.

    And looking on the draw list there were 6 bands in the 4th section including us and Bestwood.

    Some of us hope to be there to listen. It is a well run contest and a good warm up for the area.

    Here is the list of bands in the sections (this is not in draw order or anything like that before someone says so)

    4th Section

    Chapel en le Firth
    Trentham Brass
    Rolls Royce

    Bestwood (WD)
    ICCB (WD)

    3rd Section

    Kirkby Colliery
    Newstead Youth

    2nd Section

    Leicestershire Coop
    Long Eaton
    City of Coventry Brass
    United Coop 2000 Brass

    1st Section

    Foss Dyke
    Shirland WT
  3. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    I think Dronfield have withdrawn.

    BBSBB were hoping to attend for the first time this year however due to a clash with the beginning of half term we'd ahve needed too many deps to attend.
  4. Pythagoras

    Pythagoras Active Member

    Think the earlier date than usual has contributed to the smaller number of bands than usual
  5. EbEwan

    EbEwan Member

    It's half term aspect that has meant that Ratby Mid aren't going this year either. We got away with it last year because (if I remember rightly) I was the only one going away but I was flying back late on the night before (which became early morning &*$^%£ Bulgarian airports!!!!), but there would have been several missing this year because, as tubafran and Pythagoras have both mentioned, it's at the start of the half term rather than the end.
  6. emmah

    emmah New Member

    The half term for us in Chapel doesn't start until Monday 18th February this year.

    I can't understand how they vary so much between the different areas.

    We are in Derbyshire ourselves!!

    Good luck to all who is playing at Derby on Sunday x
  7. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    Yes but when are you having the Easter holidays? I think in Derbyshire it's 2 weeks later than the rest of the country. Oh and I think bonfire night will be in August, because it;s warmer and as stuff in the shops is cheaper in January Christmas next year will be on the 25th January.
  8. postie

    postie Member

    Yes I gather the reason it's been brought forward a week is that the room the contest is being held in is being refurbished. So hopefully it will be a week later next year.
  9. IJK

    IJK Member

    So called there is a total of 7 bands from the list that have withdrawn from the contest
  10. postie

    postie Member

    Any ideas who else has withdrawn than?
  11. satchmo shaz

    satchmo shaz Active Member

    there are only 3 bands in the second section now I believe, strata, Long Eaton and Leicester co op
  12. postie

    postie Member

    So that means Cit of Coventry and United Coop 2000 band have withdrawn.
  13. Keith Stanley James Lever

    Keith Stanley James Lever Supporting Member

    NEMBBA Contest at Derby

    Just out of interest, has anyone any idea who is adjucating the contest this Sunday. KSJL.
  14. schilke

    schilke New Member

    south yorkshire police band are in 1st section also
  15. postie

    postie Member

    Yes it's Colin Hardy and Stan Lippeatt.
  16. Keith Stanley James Lever

    Keith Stanley James Lever Supporting Member


    Thanks Richard, your a gem.................. KSJL


    United Co-op haven't, just spoken to a friend there!

    AEHOWGATE Member

    There are two Co-op bands in the 2nd Sec. are we getting mixed up between the two, United Co-op and Leicestershire Co-op?
  19. postie

    postie Member

    Definately a possibility that there is some confusion over which one has pulled out.
  20. BarneyEuph

    BarneyEuph Member

    Leicestershire Co-op definately there.. Unless someone has'nt told the band manager!!!!!!!! :D