NEMBBA Annual Solo, Duet and Quartet Class results.

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    NEMBBA Annual Solo, Duet and Quartet Class results.
    Event held at the Shirland Miners Welfare on Sunday 14th October 2007

    Novice Class
    1st Daisy Wright Shirland
    2nd Tara Sheppard Shirland
    3rd Charlotte Marron Shirland

    Junior Slow Melody (Under 14)
    1st Catherine Ashley Shirland
    2nd Ellis Squires Shirland
    3rd Robert Smith Ireland Colliery

    Junior Slow Melody (Under 17)
    1st Emma Walton Shirland
    2nd Dan Walton Shirland
    3rd Rachel Taylor Shirland

    Junior Air Varie (Under 17)
    1st Dan Walton Shirland
    2nd Emma Walton Shirland
    3rd Lewis Squires Shirland
    4th Charlotte Lievesley Shirland

    1st Emma Walton and Emma Davis Shirland
    2nd Lewis Squires and Dan Walton Shirland
    3rd Rachel Taylor and Amy Quinn Shirland

    Quartet Hymn Tune
    1st Shirland WT
    2nd Shirland Youth
    3rd Shirland Juniors

    Under 17 Quartet
    1st Shirland A
    2nd Shirland E
    3rd Joint Third place to Shirland Girls and Shirland Youth

    The Adjudicator was Lynden Cooper
    Thank you to the Shirland Welfare Training Band for providing the facilities and stewards etc.

    In his summing the adjudicator praised the standard of performance and also the excellent youth policy at Shirland Welfare Training Band.

    Melanie Cooper
    For NEMBBA
  2. Di B

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    Dudley UK

    *big round of applause*

    If anyone on here knows Daisy please send on my huge congratulations. She is an ex-learner of mine and I am SO chuffed to read this! :)
  3. IJK

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    Must say a big well done for Robert Smith of Ireland Colliery. It was his first solo contest and put in a great performance which I thought should of come higher. But that is contesting and well done to all the winners and everyone who talk part.

    But it was a real shame to see only one other band apart from Shirland who had entered someone, and that was Thoresby Youth I am sorry I cant remember the young girls name but she really did her band proud.

    I did wish to enter a few more from Ireland but due to other commitments this was not possible. But you would think with the amount of bands in Nembba that there must be a lot more junior players who could of entered and made this a better day for everyone and given Shirland a run for their money!!!

    Anyway a good run contest (just shame no piano) but Ireland will be sending a few more players next year. And if they have an adult section we may even think of putting a few in there as well.

    And well done Shirland
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