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    Neil Glynn Member far as brass banding goes I suppose you could say I'm a bit of a newbie really. I started off at the age of 9 playing the flute. I joined Bury Schools Music Centre's Junior Concert Band about a year later and that's when the fun began.

    Throughout my 9 years at Bury Music Centre I was reknowned for never playing the same instrument two weeks in a row, managing to teach myself how to play all of the woodwinds! I progressed up through the music centre's many bands until eventually I became a member of the Senior Concert Band, and also Principal Flautist in Bury Youth Orchestra.

    Anyway, back to the brass, I started off on BBb Bass with Friendly Band at the tender age of 22 having never played a brass instrument before in my life, three and a bit years later on I find myself playing Solo Euphonium with Huddersfield Brass (having gone through Cornet, Horn, Baritone, Trom & EEb Bass at various points along the way).

    All I can do is apologise to you all for ever having played those smelly, disgusting woodwindy things and promise never to do it again. I've seen the light now!

    tMP has to be one of the best forums I've seen in a long time, I've made friends on here who otherwise I'd never have met, and everyone's been sooooo friendly, never a bad word to say

    Here's hoping tMP's around for a long time to come!
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    Howdy there Neil. :hi

    I'd really like to know where Fooboo came from. ;)
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