Needed urgently Sop & Solo Horn parts for Londonderry Air (Gordon Colman arrangement)

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by winterman, May 3, 2011.

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    Sorry for requesting 'copies' but we urgently need parts for Sop & Solo Horn of the Colman arrangement of Londonderry Air for Thursdays rehearsal and Saturdays concert (ours have gone "walk about" in the last few weeks - grr, frustrated librarian mode). We won't be able to get new parts delivered in time from the publisher (well not guaranteed anyway).

    Would anyone be able to PDF me a copy of these parts please (we are placing an order for legal replacement parts, just need these ASAP).

    My email address is

    Many Thanks
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    Have you asked the publisher? When I've had similar problems in the past, publishers have been happy to e-mail/fax copies of parts in advance of hard copies ...
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    I thought my original post had made that clear, but..

    I have emailed my request through tonight with my contact details, I'm just hoping (a) they are still the same publisher with the same contact details, and (b) they would agree to that.. Either way we do need them in time.

    In the past I have only been offered hard copies by post (not necessarily from these ones) only for it to take a couple of weeks to receive them.

    I have managed to locate our Sop part (handed in late by mistake some time ago and so ended up on my pile to be sorted) but I know for a fact our Solo Horn part is out with our Solo Horn player, who is a long way away from home at the moment at short notice, and they are not able to get it to us.

    We do need them and aren't afraid to pay for it!

    The score is only a short score too so I can't even produce a temporary "copy" to tide us over until next week when they get back (hence why we are prepared to order a new one).
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    Situation is now resolved, with grateful thanks to an "anonymous" response.

    As I said in my latest post, it turns out we do have the part it is just not available at this time due to unforeseen circumstances. Also the publisher in question is no longer the same one, but I have since found out they were swallowed up by a larger publisher so I would have been contacting a duff source anyway.

    Many thanks to the kind person who has helped us out with this one, very much appreciated.

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