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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Majoresteve, Jan 22, 2004.

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    i am currently trying to improve my playing range.
    i can easily play top As and occasionally Bs, however top C is a total failure. occasionally i can reach it, but not for any band performance, which is annoying. i use a DW 4W mouth piece
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    A method I have been shown, is strengthen the stamina on your comfortable notes, such that you are not straining to reach the top one.

    In order to do this, play from about E and hold it for 2 bars , then work up the range chromatically. You should go through your comfort range and hopefully get the notes you want. At any time if the note begins to crack, go back to the E and start again. Slow, boring but will firm up your comfortable range and hopefully ad a few more notes on top. Make sure you are warmed first though.

    Mind you if you are like me you could split a middle G.

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    ps i spelt advice wrong on purpose, to test your spelling ability

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    The tip I was taught is similar but with a slight difference. Sometimes to push your embouchure to that high note, you may be over tightening the face, meaning your total embouchure is set too hard for other notes.

    Do the same exercise as above, but start from bottom C. DON'T MOVE YOUR MOUTH!!!!! When you split the note, relax the lips (as a tuba/trom player, I was told to play a pedal tone, but I know how hard some cornet players find that), then start again from the note you missed.

    What this does is gradually extend your embouchure "sets". Your "Gosh these notes are low" face will extend up a 3rd or so. Your "These notes are nice" face, will jump a 5th (these numbers are not always exact!) and so forth, so that your "Gosh these notes are high!" face will be able to cover the A and B, meaning theres more room in the "Oh My God it feels like I'm kissing my mother!" face will be able to clear Top C and maybe squeeze a top D and E before the "Oh Shyte! I missed!" face comes back...
  5. You really don't wanna take advice from me coz I'm a freak wen it comes 2 playing, but I'm gonna offer it anyway!
    I have a really crap range (but I play flugel so that's kind of allowed!), but I've been told that the problem is my breathing. So, what I got told to do is lie flat on the floor with my instrument, and left your feet slightly in the air. you get a weird kind of tense feeling in your lower stomach. Anyway, you need to breathe and then play the note while you put your feet slightly in the air WIHTOUT PRESSING YOUR INSTRUMENT ON YOUR FACE and it just works-really easy, no pressure at all. the problem is making sure I breathe properly (which I don't!) when I'm sitting down at my stand because it's just not practical to lie down on a contest stage, but if u can recreate that same sensation in your stomach then you'll probably find it a lot easier! I'm really bad at explaining by the way so if anyone knows what I'm talking about and can translate into normal language then please do!

    PS I cant believe it beeped out the word c.r.a.p THAT'S NOT SWEARING!!!
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    Just love those categories, okiedokie!