Needed - Cornet cases.

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  1. The East Riding Youth Brass Band bought some cornets a couple of years ago which came supplied with cases which closed with zips! Unfortunately (and no big surprise) most of the zips are broken and unreparable.

    Does anyone know where you can source 'proper' cases and not gig bags?
  2. John_D

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    Have you checked to see if the cases can be mended. A tent repairer could probably fit a heavy duty zip for a fraction of the cost of a new case. We've also had a zip repaired at a local cobbler for a couple of quid.
  3. Despot

    Despot Member are selling off York cases including cornet cases. Exactly the same as Besson cases.
  4. Claire

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  5. Claire

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    No, sorry. I have two soft gig bags from this company (one cornet/one flugel) and both are lasting very well.

    If it was me I wouldn't hesitate to try one.

    Ps.. I am not connected to this company, just think they are hard to beat for quality and value!
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