NEDDC Dronfield Entertainments Contest Sat 15/09/12

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  1. tubafran

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    [h=2]North East Derbyshire District Council will be hosting its 54th Annual Brass Band Festival 7.30pm on Saturday, 15th September at Dronfield Sports Centre.[/h]

    This year, Matlock Band, Dronfield Band and Shirland Welfare Band will be playing for prize money donated by our sponsors: Pulse Fitness, Apollo, Maximus and WM Lee whilst competing for the first prize; The Hallworth Challenge Trophy.

    Here are details of this year's invitation entertainments contest

    Only 3 bands compete and this is the first year that Dronfield Band have ever competed.

    Any thoughts on odds Paddy?

  2. bassmittens

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    About time the local band was doing the local "contest".

    Good luck to all 3 bands, i'm sure it will be a fine evening's entertainment, as usual.
  3. tubafran

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    Clash with Dr Martin's contest and Mr Cooper's wedding probably meant we were the nearest available Yorkshire band but yes I have to agree it's nice to have received the invitation. We are working hard on our programme at the moment and we are very much aiming to provide the audience with some fine music, which hopefully will be low on the rustling sweetie paper index but not too loud as to dislodge shuttle-cocks from the rafters :)
  4. bassmittens

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    I'm sure you'll give the other 2 bands a good contest. I thought it was a very close contest last year too. I'm sure the audience will get a good evening as always.

    I've always thought it odd that the Dronfield band did not get to play in the Dronfield contest, but glad to see you've finally got the invite, and i hope you retain it for future years - it makes so much sense!

    Sweetie rustling or not, the audience do not really see the finer details of a contest, just an evening of brass band music and they always seem to enjoy it - which if we're honest is the most important thing.

    Good luck - hope it goes well!
  5. tubafran

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    Solo prize - euphonium Matlock Band
    3rd Shirland Welfare Band
    2nd Matlock Band
    1st Dronfield Band
  6. Simmy

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    Well done team Dronfield. Proud to be part of that performance. And well done Emma, fantastic solo. :)
  7. tubafran

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    Dronfield Band played

    Post Horn Gallop - Koenig arr Herbert
    Coming to America - Neil Diamond arr Alan Fernie
    All My Life - Nestico arr Jon Bennett - Horn soloist Emma Davis
    Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White - Louiguy arr Jon Bennett

    The Seal Lullaby - Eric Whitacre arr Alan Fernie
    Punchinello - William Rimmer