NCBBA Youth Qualifier Contest

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    Here are the results from yesterdays contest.

    Youth-Qualifier Solo, Slow Melody & Quartet Competition.
    Held in Mackie Academy - Stonehaven.
    25th January 2004
    Adjudicator - Ewen Drysdale

    Solos under 12 Years
    1st Ross Knight - Carlogie Primary
    2nd Callum Tonner - Seaview Primary
    3rd Iain Tonner - Monifieth High
    Solos 12 - 15 Years
    1st Joanne Watson - Harlaw Academy
    2nd Ashlynne Crozier - Old Machar Academy
    3rd Michael Iles - Carnoustie High
    Solos 16 - 21 Years
    1st Calum Booth - Granite City Brass/RGC
    2nd Iain Maxwell - Carnoustie High
    3rd Sunil Kamath -Granite City Brass/RGC
    Open Solos
    1st Calum Booth - Granite City Brass/RGC
    2nd Richard Kidd - Cults Academy
    3rd Andrew Oetegenn - Carnoustie High
    Slow Melody
    1st Richard Kidd - Cults Academy
    2nd Iain Maxwell - Carnoustie High
    3rd Calum Booth - Granite City Brass/RGC
    Under 12 Ensemble
    1st Milltimber Primary Quartet
    12 - 15 Ensemble
    Cults Academy Quartet
    16 -21 Ensemble
    Westhill Academy Quartet
    Open Ensemble
    Bon Accord Quartet
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    Congratulations to all who took part, there was some excellent playing and you did the North East of Scotland proud.


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