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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Tubadale, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. Tubadale

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    Hi all, I have see a poster for The Navigation Band playing at Uppermill civic hall on the 27th Jan.
    Does anybody know who they are, and who plays for them ?
  2. FlugelD

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  3. Tubadale

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    EEErrrrmm that is not a Brass Band................... Doh !!
  4. Bayerd

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    It is when the info is correct.

    The Navigation Band advertised in Uppermill is a scratch team. AFAIK Gilbert Symes gets the players together.
  5. Frontman

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    It is normally a scratch band made up of some of the best players in the country, including several from Kings of Brass and several from the best Bands in West Yorkshire.
  6. Independent Silver Band

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    I am sorry to ask, but what is the meaning of "scratch team"?
  7. Tubadale

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    Does anybody know who will be playing ?
  8. KMJ Recordings

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    All it means William is that it's a band made up of players from several other bands that get together for a one off gig (or occasionally a few odd concerts or a competition where the band doesn't need to be registered - like the Whit Friday march contests)
  9. Independent Silver Band

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    Thanks for the info. We would call that a "pick up" band.
  10. tpcornet12

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    I might try and get to this gig. Would be interested to know the player list too.
  11. Hells Bones

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    It's usually a good do.

    Gilbert seems to know the world and his dog when it comes to banding and there are usually a few big names playing.

    Jim Shep has played for the Navi Band a few times along with Les Beevers, John Gillam and the current Dyke Bass section.

    Get on down there!
  12. Hove Edge

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    Gilbert Symes Concert is on 16th Jan 2010
  13. GJG

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    In Belgium, it would be referred to as a "telephone orchestra", which I've always thought is quite nice; whimsical, even ...
  14. Al

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    Didn't the Navigation Band used to clean up a lot at the Whit Marches?

    Although I think the adjudicators hidden in the various caravans and tents etc. might have had an inkling who the band was because they used to play "The Navigation March" which only they had a copy of!!
  15. Tubadale

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    OOOOhhh the cloak and dagger of the Brass Band world :p
  16. foxyflug

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    Gilbert's concert is an annual event.........I've played at it every January for ages! There will be a few of us from Fodens around the stand (Me, Glyn, Lesley Howie, Mike Warriner) and I know my brother in law Aled from Northop is playing too. The line up changes slightly every year depending on peoples availability.

    Its always a fun concert, usually including lots of "yellow" music, and lots of solos.

    Helen Williams
  17. DobX Dave

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    With Roy Newsome conducting, Gilbert Symes as compere and a band comprising of good players ~ the ‘icing on the cake’ is the yellow music and lots of solos ~ at least we are not going to educated by modern music that most MD’s seem to think audiences want.

    I hope it is well attended by local bandsmen as the concert is to raise money for the Whit Friday contests, they might appreciate good quality music played well.

    So to those players who are giving up their time to put something back into the movement ~ well done.
  18. Independent Silver Band

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  19. FlugelD

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    Ye Olde stuffe....

    Think late 1890's and early 1900's overtures, like 'Merry Widow', 'William Tell', etc - stuff that was arranged for brass way back when....

    ... and the paper's turning yellow with age...
  20. Robhibberd29

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