National Youth Championships 2007

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  1. hvb_shizzle

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    The National Youth Championships are approaching so I'm just wondering which bands are entering, how do you find the test pieces and how are the rehershals going?

    Horbury Victoria youth are in the community section and the test piece is Scenes Du Lac. At first glance the test piece seems pretty drab and a bit average in comparison to last years piece, but with a deeper look it springs some interesting suprises.
    I also love the rest of our programme, another set of great pieces chosen by our MD!
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  2. samandy

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    Elland Silver Youth Band are looking forward to taking part in the Junior section for the first time ever. I have chosen a good selection of original music plus some light entertainment pieces which the band enjoy playing.

    As its our first time I would be grateful if anyone has any advice on the warm up facilities, accoustics, size of stage, nearest toilets which might help my preparations.

    Good luck to all taking part, I'm sure it will be a really great contest.

    Sam Harrison
    Conductor - Elland Youth
  3. hvb_shizzle

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    The warm up facilities in the RNCM are great, you get aroud 15mins to warm up it's far enough away so that you can do a proper warm up and doesn't affect the other bands. There is also room for them to change in and out of uniforms and also close toilets.
    There are two halls that are used so all the sections can compete on the one day, but I don't know which one the Junior Bands are using.

    I hope that this is some help to you Sam
  4. samandy

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    National Youth Championships

    Thanks for the information. We will definitely need to warm up as we won't have time for a rehearsal before hand.
  5. Kiz7

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    Gloucestershire Youth Brass Band will be competing for the second time in the County Section i think - the test piece is Celtic Dances and is proving a well liked test. Anyone finding the Easter holiday's a pain for organising rehearsals around - GYBB are tied to term time rehearsal dates so is a bit tricky.
  6. JoeDrumTech

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    Ill be there helping my old friends at Horbury in Percussion Section! No idea what the piece is like... not played it yet... and i have no idea what they're playin for own choice pieces.

    So should be fun when i turn up to their rehearsal...:-?

    Should be a good day though, i played with horbury about 3 years ago and apart from being really ill, it was still fun!
  7. JoeDrumTech

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    Just incase you dont already know...

    School Section: Haden Freeman Concert Hall
    Start: 9.15am

    TEST PIECE: - Choral & Variations, Leighton Lucas Weinberger
    ADJUDICATORS: - Ian Brownbill and Alan Morrison.

    (20 minutes playing time each band)

    Wardle High School Senior Band
    Abraham Darby School
    Smithills High School Senior Band


    County Section Haden Freeman Concert Hall
    Start time: 11.10am

    TEST PIECE: A Celtic Suite, Philip Sparke, Studio Music Company
    ADJUDICATORS: John Berryman and James Scott

    (20 minutes playing time each band)

    Birmingham Schools Band
    South Derbyshire Music Centre
    Hampshire County Youth Band
    West Glamorgan Youth Band
    Stockport Schools Senior Band
    Aberystwyth Youth Band
    Oldham Music Centre Youth Band
    Gloucestershire Youth Band
    Bolton Youth Band
    Worcestershire Youth Band


    Premier Section: Haden Freeman Concert Hall
    Start time: 5pm

    TEST PIECE: The Aeronauts, Geoff Richards, Studio Music Company
    ADJUDICATORS: Alan Morrison and Ian Brownbill.

    (25 minutes playing time each band)

    Greater Gwent County Youth Band
    Rochdale Borough Youth Band
    St Helens Youth Band
    Northamptonshire County Youth Band
    Gwynedd Mon Williams Mathias Seniors


    Please note that the presentation ceremony for the Premier Section can not start until the Community Section presentation (which is taking place in the Bruntwood Theatre) has been completed. Please be aware of this if there is a short delay

    Junior Section: Bruntwood Theatre
    Start time: 9.00am

    ADJUDICATORS: Geoffrey Whitham and Brett Baker.

    (15 minutes playing time each band)

    Gwynedd Mon William Mathias Jnr Band
    Stockport Schools Intermediate Band
    Wire Youth Band
    Elland Youth Band
    Astley Youth Band
    Cwmtawe Training Band
    Worcester City Youth Band
    Fred Longworth High School Band


    Community Section: Bruntwood Theatre
    Start time: 12.50pm

    TEST PIECE: Scenes Du Lac, Roy Newsome, Music for Brass
    ADJUDICATORS: Dr Roy Newsome and Marcus Bach

    (20 minutes playing time each band)

    Macclesfield Youth
    Dobcross Youth
    Horbury Victoria Youth
    Enderby Youth
    Youth Brass 2000
    Chalford Youth
    Fred Longworth Community Youth
    Lions Youth
    Sellers International Youth
    Mount Charles Youth
    Camborne Youth
    Tewitt Youth
    St Dennis Youth


  8. matt_BBb_bass

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    When is the championships now like 2-3weeks :S more praticing of scences du lac GREAT! lol
  9. Ali

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    Good luck to all that are competeing but especially to Dobcross Youth (its the band where I started palyaing) and to Sellers (of course)!
  10. 13dafl

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    Good Luck to all playing with Cwmtawe Training Band and West Glamorgan Youth Band!
  11. greater gwent youth brass band are going! should be a good day! rehersals for it havent started yet! the two testpeices are gona to be a massive stamina killer lol! i beta do sum prac! good luck to all those involved! hope the band play well! its always a great 2 see all of the yout bands competin! cant wait! ar ther any best instrumentalist/soloist prizes avalible? if so go on emma (solo horn)!!!!
  12. Kaskaey

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    i totally agree, scenes du lac, we thought, was quite basic in structure, but then we realised that you kinda need to look twice at some of the rhythms!! we had our first reahearsal last night after the holidays, and although we had started doin some good work on our programme, it sounded as if we'd never seen it before in our lives! our MD nearly had a fit!!!:D i like the other music were playin though. they make you wanna dance!

    i love seein all the other bands, because it makes you apprciate how many of us are out there!
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  13. hvb_shizzle

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    yeah it was good to see you joe. Had our first rehershal with percussion last night and it makes such as difference espeacially on the test piece and our solo items.
    Its going to be a long day for horbury but a good one aswell.
  14. umchacha56k

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    as a meber of st helens i cant wait for the premier section my first nationals and competing against greater gwent could be interesting :)
  15. umchacha56k!!! Its a great contest, but gwent band isnt anything like it used to be, we have a few good principles like solo cornet and solo horn and thats about it, the band arnt such a force anymore but are starting to rebuild and strengthn the statistics go against us for this contest we r going they to enjoy ourselves! all the best to you guys, and hopefully one welsh band will bring back sum silverwear!!! C ya around!
  16. umchacha56k

    umchacha56k Member

    in reply,

    am sure the band are still a force to be reconed with

    ive been to watch before looking forward to joining in the action

    we will see what happens one the day the best to you aswell
  17. Im perfectly sure it will be an amazing day, its just im abit worried that people dont recongnise that gwent lost most of ther pricnipals and the fact is they not wat they used to be! anyway enough of my moanin lol! im gona be enjoying the day and drinkin quite abit after! :biggrin: its all good not long now! weve had one rehersal with 2 more planned!
  18. hvb_shizzle

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    I think losing corner players is a thing that happens to most youth bands at one time. After this year Horbury will lose both the principle cornet and solo Euph as they are going away to university. Over the last three years we've lost Eb Bass, two solo euphs, and our Solo Horn,1st Horn and 2nd Horn aswell as a Flugel and two cornets. |But we've managed to rebuild and had a fine perfromance last year and I'm sure other bands are able to do this aswell if a small village band such as Horbury can.
  19. umchacha56k

    umchacha56k Member

    ours is yet to come only lost a few the big blow is at the end of this year :) but its a challenge us younger players will rise to :)

    all banding players should
  20. helen_euph

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    St Helens Youth

    I'm sure you will 'umchacha56k'.

    Its a part of youth banding that players leave each year as they become 'too old' / go off to uni, etc. St Helens have a really good set up now with the B and C bands established. Way back when I started off there on 2nd horn number 3(!) in 1992 :oops: there was only about 25 of us altogether, and no B and C bands.

    There are always younger players now ready to move up when the older ones move on and each year they rise to the challenge. Enjoy your first Nationals playing 'umchacha56k' and GOOD LUCK ST HELENS YOUTH! :biggrin: :tup