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    Hope some of you can help.
    am at the moment trying to compile a database of pieces and works played by the NyBBW from 1982 , If anyone has any programs or remembers any pieces please send me a message. I can remember a few ( some of which were not commissioned by the band )
    Requestiat Aberfan - Martin Ellerby 1995
    Euphonium Concerto - Philip Wilby 1996
    Trombone Concerto - Gareth Wood
    Concerto for Harp and Brass Band - Gareth Wood
    Buxton Orr trombone concerto
    white knuckle ride - Philip Wilby
    Concertino for Tuba and Brass Band - Philip Sparke
    Symphony no8 Brass and Percussion - Alun Hoddinott 1992
    Cadernid Gwynedd - Gareth Glyn 1991 - 1993
    Funale , Variations for Band - John Philips
    Welsh Dances ( Alun Hoddinott trans for band by Alun Hoddinott )
    Hope you can help.
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    The lp recording of the inaugural concert includes the following:
    • Gregson: Connotations
      Gregson: Contours (mvts 2 & 4)
      Stravinsky/Farr: Extracts from The Firebird
      Rimsky-Korsakov: Cortege from Mlada
      Matthias: Vivat Regina
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    Ceremonies of Fire by Chris Painter. Strange piece. I remember what happened to the score at the awards night too!!!