National Youth Brass Band Championships Results So Far

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    Schools Section (ends 11:30)
    Adjudicators: Roy Newsome, Geoffrey Whitham
    Test Piece: Hazelmere Suite, P. Graham (3 movs.)
    20 minute program

    1 Wardle Youth Band
    2 Egglescliffe School :D:D:D:D:D:D :bounce
    3 Abraham Darby Brass
    4 Glossop Community college
    5 Townley High School

    Junior Section
    Adjudicators: Richard Evans, James Scott
    Test Piece: Own Choice
    Program: 15 minutes, to include one piece composed for Brass Band

    1 Cambourne Youth Gold
    2 Valley Youth (Haydock) Gold
    3 Dobcross Youth Gold
    Sellers International Youth Gold
    Wardle High Gold
    Fulbourne & Treversham RBL Silver
    Stockport Schools Silver
    Ratby Co-op Youth Bronze
    Worcester City Bronze

    County Section (ends 3:15)
    Adjudicators: Dennis Masters, Goff Richards
    Test Piece: an English Suite, M. Ball
    Program: 20 minutes

    1 West Glamorgan Youth Gold
    2 Camarthenshire Senior Silver
    3 Oldham Music Centre Silver
    Worcester Youth Bronze
    Bolton Youth Bronze
    Monmouthshire Youth (w)
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    Congrats to wardle youht in the schools section paticularly there principal cornet who was excellent in "how great thou art..."!

    Just a pity it wasn't us coming away with the trophy! Hope to see lots of TMP'ers for the music for youth finals at the RFH!
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    Community Section
    Adjudicators: Derek Broadbent, Barry Thompson
    Test Piece: Cambrian Suite, M. Ball
    Program: 20 minutes

    1 Smithills Brass gold
    2 JAG Mt. Charles youth gold
    3 Lions Youth gold
    Chalford Youth Silver
    Poynton Youth Silver
    Tewitt Youth Silver
    Aberystwyth Bronze
    Horbury Victoria Bronze
    South East Cheshire Youth Bronze
    Youth Brass 2000 Bronze
    Shaw Youth (withdrawn)

    Premier Section
    Adjudicators: Richard Evans, James Scott
    Testpiece: Partita, Postcards from home, P. Wilby
    Program: 25 Minutes

    West Lothian Schools
    St. Helens Youth
    Rochdale Borough Youth
    Stockport Schools Senior Band
    Hampshire County Youth
    Newport Music Centre
    Northampton County Youth

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    Premier Section

    1st West Lothian Schools
    2nd St. Helens Youth
    3rd Newport Music CentreBand :bounce :bounce :bounce :bounce

    Rochdale Borough Youth :?:
    Stockport Schools Senior :?: Band :dunno :dunno
    Hampshire County Youth :?:
    Northampton County Youth :?:

    Great Playing Newport 2nd ever visit to Manchester with such a young band well done Alun F
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    ... and the home town of tMP.... :):):):)
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    hey, they're a force to be reckoned with! (despite their disappointing result yesterday)
    and it's "senior" because they are split into 3 bands; junior, intermediate, and senior. all players are actually school/college level :)
  8. That's my boys (& girls!)

    Couldn't make it sorry, I was doing a show that week! & Well done to Paul too :D