National Youth Brass Band Championships 2008

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  1. matt_BBb_bass

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    National youth championships in a couple of weeks! Whos going this year?! I no there is 17 bands in our section this year! All praticing going well?!

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    Gloucestershire Youth Brass Band are going but they haven't started rehearsing yet. They have a residential course during Gloucestershire's Easter Holiday (5th April onwards) so will rehearse it then. They have got Music For a Festival (I think) as their test piece so not sure what section that is?
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    Chalford Youth Band will be there in whatever the section is where the test piece is Dimensions! i can't remember the name of the section off the top of my head, sorry!:)
  4. JesTperfect!

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    Is there really 17 bands in the community section? Hell, we've got our work cut out for us this year!!
  5. hvb_shizzle

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    Correct me if i'm wrong but i think it's the community section that have the test piece Dimesions. I'll be playing in the community section and it's great to see that there so many bands around and willing to put the effort in to contesting espeacially as a youth band. Great test piece Dimensions played it before and did well with it however the band isn't the same as it was then.
  6. CJBaggins

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    Thanks, i thought it began with C! Is the adjudication still going to be done on that Gold, Silver, Bronze basis? Not sure whether i like the idea as a whole, correct me if i'm wrong, but unless you're in the top 3 or something, you never really know what place you came exactly?
  7. hvb_shizzle

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    I think thats right if your not in the top 3 you don't know exactly where you come in either the silver or bronze brackets but i guess it's done for the younger members of the band who maybe havn't experienced the harsh realities of brass band comps and is more encouraging for them. and I guess the more mature members of the band can really evaluate the own standard of their playing.
  8. Kiz7

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    Well, its a week on Sunday now so anyone know when the full list of entrants will be published, and where?
  9. matt_BBb_bass

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    The details of the forthcoming National Youth Brass Band Championships taking place in Manchester have been announced. The details for the National Youth Brass Band Championships to be held at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester on Sunday 13th April have been announced.

    5 sections

    Once again the contest is run by the BFBB and will comprise of five sections with over 9 hours of music to be heard. The Schools Section gets underway at 9.30am in the Haden Freeman Concert Hall followed at 11am by the Junior Section.

    Once the Premier Section is completed just before 2pm, the County Section will round things off in that hall with an expected finish around 6.30pm.

    17 in Community Section

    The Community Section has the biggest turn out of the whole day with seventeen bands competing in the Bruntwood Theatre. The 9 hour marathon starts at 9.45am and is expected to be completed by 7.30pm after the announcement of the results.


    34 bands will compete in the various sections and amongst them will be debutants from City of Leeds, Carnoustie and District, Dalmellington Junior Band, Shirland Youth and Worcestershire Intermediate.


    The judges who sit in the open to make the all important decisions have been announced. Brett Baker, David Hirst, Alan Morrison, Major Peter Parkes, James Scott, Sheona White and Mark Wilkinson will be on duty across the five sections throughout the day.

    Sponsorship boost

    The good news for the BFBB is the continued sponsorship from The Co-operative, who continue to offer their support to the Youth Contest and it is a relationship that is valued highly by the organisers.

    Full details

    The full details for the National Youth Brass Band Championships promoted by the BFBB on Sunday 13th April are as follows:

    Schools Section

    Haden Freeman Concert Hall
    Start: 9.30am
    Test Piece: Music for Kantara (Kenneth Downie)
    Adjudicators: Sheona White and Brett Baker
    (20 minutes playing time each band)

    Competing Bands:

    Wardle High School Senior Band: (Lee Rigg)
    Smithills High School Senior Band (Chris Wormald)

    Results and prize presentation at 10.30am

    Junior Section:

    Haden Freeman Concert Hall
    Start time: 11.00am
    Test Piece: Own Choice, but must include one piece of music composed for brass bands.
    Adjudicators: Sheona White and Alan Morrison
    (15 minutes playing time each band)

    Competing bands:

    Shirland Youth (Peter Rhodes)
    Fred Longworth High School Junior Band (Helen Robinson)
    Wire Youth (Jo Sherry)
    Gwynedd Mon William Mathias Junior Band (John Glyn Jones)
    City of Leeds Junior Band (Gordon Eddison)
    Worcestershire Intermediate Band (Mark Oldham)

    Results and prize presentation at 1.50pm approx

    Please note that the Junior Section results will be given at the same time as the Premier Section results. There is only one band taking part in the Premier section.

    Premier Section

    Haden Freeman Concert Hall
    Start time: 1.20pm
    Test Piece: Essay for Brass Band (Edward Gregson)
    Adjudicators: Major Peter Parkes and David Hirst
    (25 minutes playing time each band)

    Competing Bands:

    West Lothian Schools (Nigel Boddice, MBE)

    Results and prize presentations at 1.50pm approx

    County Section:

    Haden Freeman Concert Hall
    Start time: 2.30pm
    Test Piece: Music for a Festival (Philip Sparke)
    Adjudicators: Alan Morrison and Mark Wilkinson
    (20 minutes playing time each band)

    Competing Bands:

    Oldham Music Centre (Martyn Evans)
    Gloucestershire Youth, (Steve Legge)
    Birmingham Schools Band (James Cunningham)
    Stockport Schools (Colin Duxbury)
    Hampshire Youth (Jock McKenzie)
    Bolton Youth (Helen Minshall)
    Rochdale Borough Youth (Eric Landon)
    Worcestershire Youth (Nicky Daw)

    Results and prize presentations at 6.15pm

    Community Section:

    Bruntwood Theatre
    Start time: 9.45am
    Test Piece: Dimensions (Peter Graham)
    Adjudicators: James Scott and Simone Rebello
    (20 minutes playing time each band)

    Competing bands:

    Aberystwyth Youth (Alan Phillips)
    Horbury Victoria Youth (Tom Greatorex)
    Tewitt Youth (Craig Ratcliffe)
    Lions Youth (Nigel Birch)
    Poynton Youth (Andy Hirst)
    Sellers International Youth (Mark Bousie)
    Enderby Youth (Trevor Hounsome)
    Mount Charles Youth (Simon Dobson)
    Astley Youth (Helen Minshall)
    Chalford Youth (Steve Tubb)
    Youth Brass 2000 (Chris Jeans)
    Carnoustie & District Youth (Richard Evans)
    Macclesfield Youth (Louise Renshaw)
    Elland Silver Youth (Samantha Harrison)
    Camborne Youth (Alan Pope)
    Dobcross Youth (Brian Lamb)
    Dalmellington Junior Band (Ian Taylor)

    Results and prize presentation at 7.10pm

    Ticket Details

    Adults: £8.00

    Young Persons/Concessions: £4.00

    Under 11's £2.00

    Programmes: £3.00

    Transfer Fee to other Sections: £1.00

    From 4BR
  10. hvb_shizzle

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    Just a quick messge to say good luck to Horbury Vic youth band tommorow it's been a struggle to get there so make the most of it.
  11. Kaskaey

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    Good luck everyone for tomorrow, im in the process of trying to find my band fleece. i think ive actually lost it. gah.
  12. masefield

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    Hi there - tried to look on 4barsrest - any results yet??
  13. Bobbi's girl

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    Don't know any other results yet but Horbury Victoria got a silver in community section! Well done you guys!:clap: :clap: :clap:
  14. matti_raz

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    Smithills School won the schools section....
    Oh, and I'm guessing West Lothian won the Premier Section... ;)
  15. lilcornetgirl

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    Does anyone now the community section results yet surely it should have been done and dusted ages ago lol... xxx
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  16. Bobbi's girl

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    Full results now available on 4barsrest
  17. masefield

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    You are no doubt correct - however the lady who was the only entrant in a cake competition some years ago - found to her absolute shock and horror that she had only come second!!!! lol
  18. Masterblaster jnr

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    A Big well done to Sellers Youth, thought we did fantasticaly well to come third against tricky opposition and also a tricky draw. I couldn't really disagree with anything what Simone and Jim put, Camborne, sounded like a top 1st section band as they did last year, and deserved winners for 5 years is it now.

    Thought Mount Charles' Flugel played fantastically and deserved the instrumentalist prize and Youth Brass 2000 sounded a very strong band throughout their programme.

    Great day all round, just unlucky for the bands who got gold out of the top 3, i heard Carnoustie and thought they played very well and there Horn player was excellent. Mount Charles, again solid throughout and very entertaining alongside that.

    One of the highlights for myself and people sat in the audience near m though had to be Ian Taylor conducting Dalmellington. I Have never seen such an energetic way of conducting. certainly brought a bit of life to those tired after 15 bands.

    Great day all round, looking forward to next year
  19. Kaskaey

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    just got back! well done cambourne, yb2k n sellers, and also to the bands in the other sections!
  20. NeilW

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    Congratulations to Hampshire too on winning the county section.

    Good to see them back competing again - not to mention winning!