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  1. Drew

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    It's interesting to see that the majority of the top ten of best test pieces are older ones since there was a rumor going round Blackpool yesterday that although nobody knew what the Nationals test are all going to be exactly, there going to be old test pieces.

    At least that'll make it easier in getting decent recordings of the pieces.

    Has anybody heard anthing?

  2. drummerboy

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    I might be wrong, but I'd heard that the championship section piece was going to be a new one.
  3. Borfeo

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    I'm hoping for an older test piece for the Nationals, simply because we have a tour to Germany in July with Newland and I think I'll have to put part of the testpiece into the programme. I know that the Germans love the traditional brass band style so it would help me a lot!

    However, whatever piece it will be, it's sure it will be a big test for all the bands. looking forward to it already.
  4. choirmaster

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    National testpieces

    I've been going to the national finals as a spectator since 1979 and I must admit the most boring time I've ever spent at the finals was last year. To listen to umpteen bands play a piece of sugar sweet music was painful. I'm not saying that I dislike the piece itself just the amount of times I had to endure it in order to pit my wits against the adjudicators. I also feel the piece is impossible to arrange effectively for band- if Eric Ball couldn't do it I doubt if anyone can.
    :cry: What I'm getting at is that part of the excitement of finals day is a piece of newly commissioned music to listen to, whether at the end of the day you liked it or not as the case may be. I think the powers that be need to realise that the bulk of its audience actually has acute listening skills and an appreciationof a wide range of musical styles. If the main concern is putting bums on seats why not consider'Finlandia'or even better The 'William tell' overture as you could also give away free blindfolds!! It's a backward move if it's true.
  5. Brian Bowen

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    Re: National testpieces

    I rather doubt that statement, but I agree with your main point.
  6. johnflugel

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    I agree with Brian - the average band listener does not appreciate a wide range of styles. Albion, Ceremony, Mansell Forts, Prague etc are a few of many in recent years that have been moaned about because they are 'not listenable' and 'do not have a decent tune'.#

  7. The Cornet King

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    Yeh i heard that it will be a new commission. Interesting to see who from.
  8. Dave Euph

    Dave Euph Member

    I heard someone say at the end of the Yorkshire Areas Top Section that whoever commissioned Tristan Encounter "should be shot" (by the way it was an "older" bloke) ... although I didn't say anything I was angered by this. Despite being tired having heard it 14 times that day, I still thought it was a cracking test piece with real emotion about it.

    Or have we reached that great traditional/modern divide?
  9. Griffis

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    There are rumors that the National Finals Test Piece for the Championship Section is indeed a new commision, and apparently by Derek Borgeois.
    This is just a rumour however, so please, no quotes!! :oops:
  10. Bring on Apocalypse II :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  11. lynchie

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    Re: National testpieces

    and finally Brassed Off meets real life...