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    These were announced on the 19th May but I have yet to see a post about it so I might as well do one myself. (Sorry if already posted)

    Taken from 4Bars Rest News

    The set works for Harrogate have been released by the organisers - and stiff tests they are too.
    THE Music Panel of Kapitol Promotions Ltd. this week released the test-pieces for Sections 1 - 4 of the Finals of the 2005 Besson National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain.

    They are:

    Section 1: Pageantry (Herbert Howells), published by R. Smith & Co. Due to the fact that Pageantry was originally written with minimal percussion, Philip Wilby, has added a new and complimentary percussion part, which will be used at the Finals.

    Section 2: Belmont Variations (Sir Arthur Bliss, arr. Frank Wright) published by Novello and available from Studio Music London.

    Section 3: A Gallimaufry Suite (Philip Harper) published by Wright and Round and available from 1 June.

    Section 4: A Mendip Celebration (Darrol Barry) published by and available from Studio Music London.

    I am mainly interested in the Mendip Celebration. Anyone know how hard it is and what instruments have solos etc. Its great its a new piece and have bought a couple of Darrol Barry arrangements so I am optimistic it will be musical. Anyone help?? ;)
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