National Finals Test Pieces ??

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  1. Gabriel Soboe

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    I think it must be a different piece... "King of Heaven" certainly isnt a RAH-esque testpiece, or a testpiece at all! Many bands use this to feature their sections of players during concerts... its definitely a concert work.
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    Ha ha Steve!! My typos! Ofcourse, it should've read, everyone!!!

    ....and no I dont have to have the numberings for the valves written underneath the notes:)
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    - can you think of any other Downie work that's been written that fits the description 'Concerto for Band'? Remember, Howarth's 'In Memoriam, R.K.' wasn't written as a test either but still used as one.
  4. PeterBale

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    I seem to recall reading somewhere that it was written for Holland - as was the piece used for the Areas. If is is, let's hope the errata situation is a bit better this time!

    Edit: just found the 4br quote, and it was used in Switzerland, not Holland:
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  5. brassneck

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    This is like finding a needle in a haystack. No reference to the piece on 13 Etoiles' site, nothing on the 2007 Swiss Championships (which I expected to find) and only thing relating to Holland is the Kerkrade 'B' section piece written by him called 'Music For Thanksgiving'. :confused:
  6. Anno Draconis

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    I might be wrong here, but the I think the Downie Concerto for Band was commissioned by Treize Etoiles to play at the Swiss Nationals last year and, as yet, hasn't been recorded or used again anywhere else. I heard it (although I didn't realise what it was until afterwards!) and it certainly wasn't easy. I think some people felt it should have been enough to give 13* the title although Fribourg pipped them in the end. I got the impression that (had they won) they may have been intending to use it at the European since they doubled up in a similar fashion with Beyond the Horizon in the previous contest season. If this is the piece being considered, it's certainly a test-piece - not easy.
  7. brassneck

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  8. Anno Draconis

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    In a 3 paragraph "potted history" of the band, probably not. After all, they've had a reasonably important role to play in commissioning music - not least from their multi-talented trom player! - and to do it all justice would require quite a lot of text.
  9. brassneck

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    I suppose something had to be missed by me eventually ... :frown: I still think it will be something from the past ... Odin? Seascapes?
  10. MickM

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    So do i, i'm thinking along the lines of Benvenuto Cellini, last used at the British Open in 1978.
  11. brassneck

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    - :oops: ... it had better not be! I've recently completed a live work-through online with the overture (I feel another wave of nausea hitting me, similar to Rienzi the last time round). I did tell Richard Evans that I was going to do an arrangement when he was last in Glasgow for the Academy brass day.
  12. Adamskied

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    I would love it to be Extreme Makeover...what a great piece...all the bottles, i bet a few will get dropped, what a if you have to use the same bottles for each band...hope no one has herpies...ha ha ha
  13. tinytimp

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    Ladies and gentlemen, drum roll please....

    This year's Championship Section finals piece will be Concertino for Brass Band by Kenneth Downie.

    It was indeed comissioned by Treize Etoiles for the Swiss Nationals last year.
  14. Anno Draconis

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    Aha, so the same piece, but shortened because it's too long. Honestly. :mad:

    Surely this is an argument for having less bands in the Finals at the top level. Of Men and Mountains was famously dropped for being too long, the new Downie piece has had to be shortened, Beyond The Horizon will never be suitable at 20+ minutes long..... why do we need 20 bands anyway?

    Surely it would make more sense to have one from each region plus the four pre-qualifiers, thereby reducing the field to 12, and do the same as the Swiss Nationals and the Europeans - set test on Saturday, own choice (or even a concert programme:eek: ) on Sunday?
  15. johnmartin

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    That would be a good idea sort of like a Champions League (bad analogy I know, they even let fourth placed teams play in that).
  16. Thirteen Ball

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    I suppose there's long-standing form for for chopping pieces down. After all, they let William Rimmer hack big chunks out of 'Les Preludes' and smash it full of key-changes that don't work and that's gone down as a classic...

    Seems a bit unecessary though. 20 minutes playing surely shouldn't be beyond the capabilities of the top-placed bands in the country should it? And certainly not worth cutting bits out of a piece for. Unless Mr Downie was happy to do so? Would be interested to hear what he'd have to say on which he'd have preferred they used.

    Either way, always nice to see some new work being rolled out!
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  17. brassbandmaestro

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    Pity its been shortened. Perhaps a recording of both versions be good idea. I am glad its Kenneth Downie. One of my favourite composers for brass band.
  18. Di

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    The "Official" discussion thread for this now in the Nationals category here. :)
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    Taken from Kapitol Promotions web site:-

    " Recommended recordings
    To order, contact Polyphonic at the contact address and telephone number given above for Studio Music Company, but use the following e-mail address:

    1. Harry Mortimer – A Musical Tribute
    Catalogue reference: QPRL 050D)
    Polyphonic "

    What do Kapitol mean by recommended recording :confused:
    Is this a benchmark given to the Adjudicators and the Bands on which to base their performance criteria :cool:
    Or have the adjudicators advised kapitol of their preferred interpretation :(
    Or is it just a favourite recording in Phillip’s (Kapitol Promotions) collection ;-)
    Not knocking it, but is it something we and the other sections with "Recommended Recordings" need to know???