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  1. no2taz

    no2taz Member

    tam tam hows it goin well there are few bars arround and like you i will be in them once we have performed. SO look out for us.

    we will be out in leeds on the sat if you fancy a Jaunt in to sample the beer and scenery.

    will you be arround on monday for the open rehearsal the bar will be open throuought.
  2. Liz Courts

    Liz Courts Active Member

    Yay, not long to go now!! And only once more will I have to travel 2 hours to get to band practise! :biggrin:

    See you all in the bar - come and say hi if you recognise me!! :biggrin:
  3. you-ff

    you-ff New Member

    That's me :)

    I see Gary (backrowbloke, my brother) has asked 4BR to see if they have any influence regarding the publishing quality of The Perfect Fool. As Chairman of Haverhill I'm going to appeal to all first section bands...are you annoyed/distressed/furious at the collosal number of printing errors in The Perfect Fool? Given the number of errors are any two bands actually going to play the same piece? Are the adjudicators aware of this? Three eratta sheets so far and there are still uncorrected errors. What are your thoughts? Perhaps a representative from the publishers would like to attend the first section finals on Sunday 24th and, while we wait for our much loved adjudicators, say "sorry"...closely followed by handing out a substantial refund to each band that purchased a set of parts?
  4. Anglo Music Press

    Anglo Music Press Active Member

    The general editoral standard of brass band publications is extremely variable. As a conductor, I hate having to waste my players' time making corrections when we could be rehearsing.

    I don't think there is a short-term cure and my sympathies are with those in the 1st section who have obviously been sold a cow. It's not good enough!

    The long term cure is to make your complaints known to the organisers of the contest and ask that, in the future, they only chose pieces from publishers who work in a professional manner. They do exist!
  5. wantapie

    wantapie New Member

    Philip is so right. Why choose poor quality print when there are so many excellent printers in the UK and abroad publishing great quality music. Do the music panel see the parts before they decide these pieces? Maybe they would like to share with us how they decide on the pieces they choose. I doubt they will its probably wheels within wheels like much of the hrass band movement. Plus who is on the panal? Any of the younger blood in the movement ? Again I doubt it.
  6. you-ff

    you-ff New Member

    Make that four errata sheets. We worked through the fourth errata sheet in our most recent rehearsal; just one week before the contest. If you have time to kill then here's my version of the story:

    The test piece was announced. We, like all the other first section bands, contated the publisher (I won't name them) to order the piece. "Sorry sir it's not in print yet and will take six weeks to publish". Well done everybody for announcing a piece that we can't yet rehearse but at least all the first section bands are in the same position. The piece arrives a creditable three weeks later...or so we thought. The score that arrived with that set has, on odd numbered pages 19 to 41, a total of 22 bars omitted and, on even numbered pages 20 to 42, a total of (different) 22 bars duplicated. The score was reprinted and distributed. Now we have a score with at least all of the bars vsible to the M.D.s In subsequent weeks we receive four separate errata sheets, each sheet with multiple corrections and each correction applying to multiple parts. Ho hum. As I said, at least all first second bands are facing the same misery but I truly belive that no two bands will be playing the same set of parts regardles of contest performance mistakes. Perhaps the "Best Instrumentalist" prize should be awarded to "The M.D. Who Spots The Most Mistakes"?
  7. ashworthdav

    ashworthdav New Member

    is there an errata for valerius variations philip?

    dave flugel horn
    oldham band lees
  8. Anglo Music Press

    Anglo Music Press Active Member

    I haven't been made aware of any errors. Have you found any???
  9. sop 1

    sop 1 Member

    2006 national championship

    Really looking forward to judges! its a great sop part :D
    and not as easy as everybody thinks.
  10. ashworthdav

    ashworthdav New Member

    no,just thought id ask.

    must say what a fantastically well wrote piece it is shame they cant pick more great music like this for set test pieces
  11. Anglo Music Press

    Anglo Music Press Active Member

    Glad to hear that you haven't found any errors and that you are enjoying it!

    If any errors at all come to light this week, I'll post them here, but if none have been found yet, I guess it's OK. Anglo Music Press's proofing system (ie ME) seems to be working! :clap:
  12. agentorange

    agentorange Member

    Best of luck to all Yorkshire bands this weekend, especially to Kev Belcher at Drighlington and to Bob Walker at Horbury, two of my former conductors.

    We'll be there to cheer you on,
  13. brassgirl23

    brassgirl23 New Member

    Just registered with tMp......we had three generations playing in Wincanton Band in Sundays 4th section finals, including my Mother in Law, also mother in laws three cousins.......oh and an ex husband principal cornet in Ammington....quite some familt ties eh!!!!

    was me 2nd cornet, son soprano, daughter percussion, husband Bb bass, mother in law 1st horn, then her cousins on euphoniums and solo horn.:clap:
  14. Di

    Di Active Member

    Hi there and :hi.

    That's some line up you have there. Every band engagement a family outing. :)
  15. brassgirl23

    brassgirl23 New Member

    makes for expensive weekend

    Yes plus another daughter who plays in Juniors, I could go on have a sister in law at Aldbourne and my brother plays occasionally, also Mother in laws brother at SWT Woodfalls, think we could almost go it alone!!!!

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