National Finals 4th Section Results

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    First again with the results live from Harrogate ... tMP brings you the results of The Besson National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain 4th Section - live from Harrogate...

    1st: 184 (17) Valley Brass (Haydock)
    2nd: 183 (10) Garforth Brass
    3rd: 182 (19) Gawthorpe Brass
    4th: 181 (15) Oldham Band (Lees)
    5th: 180 (2) Norfolk Wherry Brass
    6th: 179 (11) Verwood Concert Brass

    Besson Award for Best instrumentalist: Flugel - Greenfield
  2. sparkling_quavers

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    Well done to Valley Brass putting the NW on the map once again :tup
  3. ian perks

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    Tmp National finals prediction for me so far= 0:(

    Hope to pick some points up in the 2nd section:wink:
  4. Straightmute

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    1. Valley Brass (Haydock), David Chadwick, 17, 184
    2. Garforth Community, Steven Bailey, 10, 183
    3. Gawthorpe Brass, Derek Hoyle, 19, 182
    4. Oldham (Lees) Band, John Collins, 15, 181
    5. Norfolk Wherry Brass, Andrew Craze, 2, 180
    6. Verwood Concert Brass, Paul Norley, 11, 179
    7. Coalburn Silver, Gareth Bowman, 8, 178
    8. Greenfield, Dave Chapman, 1, 177
    9. Broxburn Silver, Colin McKenzie, 9, 176
    10. Llwydcoed, Alan Davies, 7, 175
    11. Royal Oakeley Silver, John Glyn Jones, 18, 174
    12. Matlock, Roger Jepson, 6, 173
    13. A W Parker (Drybrook), Kevin White, 3, 172
    14. Five Rivers Brass, Duncan Beckley, 16, 171
    15. Dunston Silver, Alan Seymour, 12, 170
    16. Fulham Brass, Paul McLaughlin, 4, 169
    17. Wellington (Telford), Stephen Curtis, 14, 168
    18. Bletchington Silver, Sheldon Barwick, 5, 167
    19. Swindon Brass, Francis Cowley, 13, 166

    Best instrumentalist:
    Flugel, Christopher Partington, Greenfield

  5. Just Crazy

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    Well done Valley Brass [​IMG]

    Its good to see one of my local bands winning!
  6. flashbarry

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    Congratulation to Dave Chadwick and Valley Brass and also to the other bands who competed in the section. Many thanks for the kind comments I have received about A Mendip Celebration from the competing bands.

  7. Sean Houlton

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    I am the principal cornet player for Valley Brass and it was our first finals and it was great it was well organised and i hope to play there again soon

    Sean Houlton
  8. imthemaddude

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    Yes it was a lovely piece. :clap:
  9. bignige

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    Thought that Mendip Celebration was a great 4th Section test piece and as Roy Roe said higher section bands may not master it easily.

    I am pleased with our performance and can listen to it on the CD.

    Congratulations to all bands that took place and especially to Valley Brass.

    The West of England seemed to have a good weekend with placings in all sections.

    Need to get ready for SWBBA in November now.

    Nigel T
    Verwood Concert Brass
  10. My band came 4th. Congratulations to Valley Brass on winning, I didnt hear it myself but it was well deserved from what I have been told so hats off to you all :clap:

    Overall we were very happy with our performance of the piece but a few clips too many cost us I think :frown:

    See you at Pontins ;)
  11. Scotty

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    I'd like to extend me congrats to both scottish bands both of whom did have a band to compete with little over two years ago, achieving very creditable results.

    Also congratulations to the winners!
  12. flugman

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    Big congratulations to Valley Brass and all of the other competing bands, it was a really well organised contest.
    My only gripe for the whole weekend was the price of the tickets to watch the other bands, you can watch the Championship finals at the RAH for £6 in the cheap seats. I think this would explain the lack of band members watching other bands play. If they had halved their price they might have half filled the hall.

    Gripe over, good weekend and a good result.
    Well done again to everyone especially to all of us nervous Flugels!!
  13. Will the Sec

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    Well, we wuz robbed.

    Something about "fifteen bands played better than you on the day."

    Utter tosh!

    (Well come on! Someone's gotta whinge about the result! It's a tMP tradition!)
  14. Laserbeam bass

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  15. manx_yessir

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    I'm not sure if what your post is tongue in cheek or not!

    It's a contest, someone has to come 1st and someone has to come 16th! If you don't like it then don't enter. ;)
  16. Will the Sec

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    Right! I won't then!

    Ermmmm... I suggest you review 47.8% of my previous posts, then decide...

    No complaints really about the position. If there is a complaint, it is only that in two sides of A4 of comments, neither adjudicator said anything positive about any of the playing, nor gave us anything to work with to improve the band as we move into the third section.

    Comments from other bands' members were positive, though, and gaining the respect of your peers counts for quite a bit in my view.
  17. katej

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    Well we came 17th and had lots of positive comments in our 2 pages of adjudication and a couple of negs but like Will no way of really knowing what we can improve.
  18. flugman

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    Just out of interest does anybody know how many of the 19 bands that played in the 4th section finals have already been promoted to the 3rd section for next year?
    We at Verwood are still carrying too many points but it would be nice to know.
  19. Will the Sec

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    Fulham and Norfolk Wherry are both up - Fulham by a country mile.
  20. flugman

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    Thanks Will, best of luck in the 3rd Section with Fulham.

    Best of luck to Norfolk Wherry, good to have bumped into you again Michelle, just remember it will always be your fault I ended up on Flugel.