National Finals - 3rd Section

Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by HBB, Sep 25, 2005.

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    1. Jersey Premier Brass, Tim Pritchard, 7, 186
    2. Arrow Valley Brass, Andy Culshaw, 4, 184
    3. Portishead Town, Rhodri Griffiths, 18, 183
    4. Phoenix West Midlands Brass, David Bishop-Rowe, 1, 182
    5. Newbridge Celynen, Paul Holland, 12, 181
    6. United Co-operative 2000 Brass, Jamie Meredith, 5, 180

    GO L&SC!!!!!
  2. meandmycornet

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    Congratulations Portishead Town!!! WoE aren't doing to badly at the finals are we!! Well done to shrewton the other band from down here aswell! :D:D:D:D:D

    Good Luck to everybody who's playing in the first section today aswell!
  3. ian perks

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    The 3 Midland Bands who qualifed get in the top 10:clap: :clap: :clap:
  4. grayvorn

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    Congratulations, Jersey! Sorry I didn't get a chance to see you in action, but very well done, and hope to catch up with you all some other time!

  5. picju96

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  6. Debsop

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    National Finals - Third Section

    It was a fab day yesterday - organisation was great and heard some great bands I did miss the winners though which was a shame, but very well done Jersey - it must make up for the extra expense you had compared to the more "local" bands!

    Don't know what people thought of the results generally (but we're ecstatic!!), personally I thought it was good that the chaps were looking for overall musical effect rather than pure technical ability.

    Don't know if he reads the site but I'd like to say a big thank you to our MD - Mr Andy Culshaw, who made the difference for us on the day.

  7. Lotta

    Lotta Member

    Great weekend in Harrogate. We are pleased to come 4th off a number 1 draw. It is a fantastic piece and really enjoyed the two weeks we spent working on it.

    Well done to all the other bands too.

    I did hear a rumour that Jersey are dis-banding after the weekend due to lack of funds? I hope this isn't true as you deserved your win and show great spirit! Get knocking on those company doors now - I bet its a different tune now!!

    If it is true though - what a way to finish!!!
  8. imthemaddude

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    I am chuffed for both PWM and arrow valley. It's great that you both did sooooo well. Not surprised to see PWM outside the pub afterwards.
  9. i had to agree with lippeats comment that the 3rd section had a great piece to play this year, the galli' suite was definately my fav. piece of the finals this year :) :D
  10. Lotta

    Lotta Member

    Woe woe!!!!! You're givin us a band name here!!! You should have come over and joined us! I know you won't be suprised to hear that it was colin's idea to go in the first place!!!

  11. imthemaddude

    imthemaddude Active Member

    Not surprised he asked me where the bar was! and that was dead on 11!
  12. cornetcheese

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    Just arrived home after a highly emotional finals weekend! I must confess, I was left feeling very sad today while travelling home as this contest marked my final engagement conducting Shotts St Patrick's band before I move next week. The send off was fantastic - they really are a wonderful bunch of people and make you feel very welcome! I will miss them all a great deal.

    In terms of the performance itself, the issues we had in rehearsal were not at all a problem, but lots of silly errors emerged in the 1st and last movement particularly. Was very happy with movements 2 & 3 though, especially the pp playing in the 3rd which took me by surprise! They worked especially hard, just some nerve-induced mistakes were disappointing!
  13. i heard shotts and i agree the pp section was good, prolly the best pp section i'd heard out of all the bands i heard from your section, i thought your p.cor. did very well with the fast semi-quavery melody in the last movement too, totally off this subject now, where you moving to?
  14. cornetcheese

    cornetcheese Member

    Thanks for the kind comments! Off to tokyo for 3 months then down to London from end of December. Hope conductors are equally in demand there as they are in Scotland!
  15. David Francis

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    Excellent result for the Midlands , who are probably the best standard third section in the country.
    Dai Francis
    West Mercia constabulary:clap:
  16. Hollie

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    WELL DONE PORTISHEAD!! YAY!! Was an awesome weekend!! Loved it, UP THE 'EAD!!!
    Well done everyone else too!!! No matter where you came, you got there and THAT counts for something amazing anyway!!
  17. SPlinter79

    SPlinter79 New Member

    Hi All,

    Actually JPB are not dis-banding. We have just lost 10 valueable players who have left the Island to go to University or to travel the world. This Includes both Euph's, 2 horns, Prin. Trombone, 3 front row cornets, and 2 percussionists. So that does leave us very short, but at the latest rehearsals, things seem to have picked up slightly. Looks like all the brass players in Jersey want to play with us now were champions. A lot of them were never interested before, but I guess thats the way it goes.

    Anyway, Just thought I'd clear up the dis-banding news!!

    Jay Mildren
    Percussionist Jersey Premier Brass.:cool:
  18. euphgothgirl

    euphgothgirl New Member

    i heard most of the bands just to get a gd idea of the testpiece because my old band were at the finals who my sister plays for now erm Hetton Silver i dont know whether anyone else heard them but they got last but it was deserved. when i heard them im thankful i did go with my tutor John Robson (conductor of Sacriston Colliery Band) to a different band even if they are in the 4th section (for now) but we are hoping to change it.

    But to the top 10 bands you's deserve to be there! there was some fantastuc playing! :clap:
  19. Luke Brown

    Luke Brown New Member

    Thanks Graeme, hope you're well and have a great Christmas. Luke

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