National Finals - 2nd Section Test Piece : Toccata, Elegy & Scherzo

Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by Di, Jun 6, 2007.

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  1. Di

    Di Active Member

    Order details and discussion for the National Finals Second Section Test Piece :

    Toccata, Elegy & Scherzo – Darrol Barry
    Baselstrasse 23c – CH-4537 Wiedlisbach – Switzerland
    Tel.: ++41(0)32 636 3727 Fax: ++41(0)32 636 2644
  2. Moy

    Moy Active Member

    Just played through it with Granite City band.
    Quite a test for 2nd section bands especially Principal Euphonium.
    Nice middle movement with solos for Cornet, Euph and Flugel no horn solo unfortunately.

    Looks like I could be out of retirement - might have to help GCB for old times sake.
    Seeings how it's Dazs music will do it :)
  3. Really looking forward to our first run thourgh too. Although probably won't be until after the silly summer season to be honest. Give our conductor a chance to undersatnd a new piece and for the band to all get back from holiday.

    Nothing worse than trying to look at new piece with half a band!

    Great news about the cornet, flugel and euphonium work...especially when you're a horn player like me !!

    Bring it on!!
  4. Moy

    Moy Active Member

    Daz can write beautifuly for horn. I have a solo he did for me and it is beautiful.

    First thing I did when I got the music on the stand was to check the Elegy - no luck for me though :(

    Now Darrol if you had been up in Bonnie Scotland you could have taken GCB through your piece - and we could have polished off a few bottles again.
    Rach could have sat and played horn with me as well.

    Hope we do your work justice my friend.

    Horn player out of retirement for Harrogate - possibly.
  5. Chunky

    Chunky Active Member

    Apparently our set has arrived but have yet to clap my eys on it.

    Looking forward to it as its a long time since we had a test piece that I have not seen or heard before!

    Just hope there is an interesting Bb bass part!!!!
  6. Moy

    Moy Active Member

    Hey Chunks forgot to say - cracking tuba part in either the 1st or 3rd movement. Hope the tongue works well!!!!!
  7. iancwilx

    iancwilx Well-Known Member

    Chunks old boy,we (Kippax) had a run through it last night and I reckon you'll be pleased with the bass part.
    The opening is certainly one to get the tongue going. (I had to double tongue it or it sounded like I was spitting blancmange !!)
    There's plenty to interest and challenge the lower end throughout the piece.
    No comparison to "Tataa ta taa, taa taa tatataa etc"
    You'll like it.
    - Wilkie
  8. Chunky

    Chunky Active Member

    Sounds good Ian, thanks for letting me know. Our parts have arrived but are being kept under wraps till the MD returns from Gibraltar in about 10 days time.

    Nearly excited about it now!!! - The test piece not the MD returning!!

    Thanks too Moy, never mind the tongue working - does this mean we finally get to meet? ;)
  9. Moy

    Moy Active Member

    At the moment yes we will get to meet.
    The only thing stopping that would be Granite City finding another horn player in time for Harrogate.
    So maybe we can buy each other a drink - after we have played of course.

    Rach or DAz turn on your B***** mobile - now thinking you're trying to avoid me :(
  10. flashbarry

    flashbarry Member

    Hey Moy!

    Its been turned on today, but we have been out with friends who have a bad signal in their area!

    Thanks for your comments about the piece, I will try to post something in the next week or so, but really the piece is self explanatary, there is no story behind it.

    Hope you all enjoy working on it;)

  11. oddbod

    oddbod Member

    It's - exactly right - a real piece of music - at the correct standard to make the judges' jobs realistic. As far as the GB Brass Band Championships go, the Autumn will certainly be a more enjoyable time for me than the Spring, whatever the eventual outcome… if people will just get their holidays done with… hahhggggg!
  12. Owen S

    Owen S Member

    Well, I had my first look last night.

    Our top second cornet covered the rep part on the band's first run-through last Friday when I was away, so I asked her if the part was hard, and received the cryptic reply "I'm going to let you find out for yourself." When we got halfway through the third movement, I found out why. Nice solo, but fast.

    The piece seemed a little disjointed to me, but that will hopefully change once we're more familiar with it and once the players who were away yesterday return, including our sop. It seems a good test around the whole band, and I'm glad we have an excellent solo euph. One thing that really will be tested is the cornet section's tounguing stamina. Pieces I can think of that even approach that amount of fast tonguing are Land of the Long White Cloud and Spectrum, neither of which are second section pieces.

    I think I might be digging out my Arban exercises over the summer.
  13. oddbod

    oddbod Member

    Spectrum 40 years ago and LWC 30 years ago surely aren't really the bench marks - Second section - Images of the Millennium had fast articulation in the first mov 2 years ago, and many others without entering into a sub debate - but the thing is - when that articulation happens here - it's the whole section - maybe 3 parts (I haven't checked) between 10 players - it's do-able.
  14. Owen S

    Owen S Member

    Sure, I don't mean it's too hard for the second section, or at least for the second section finals anyway, sorry if it came across that way, merely that the fast tounguing is the main test the cornet section faces, in both the Toccata and Scherzo. I admit I'd forgotten how much there was in Images though, subconsciously blanking it out I suspect.
  15. iancwilx

    iancwilx Well-Known Member

    Anybody have any comments now that we've all had a run through it ?
    - Wilkie
  16. Chunky

    Chunky Active Member

    You were right Wilky - certainly more interesting than Carnival.

    First movement certainly needs a good strong tongue technique at the lower end. I also like the p passage in the first movement. The whole movement needs dynamics to be controlled and contrasted or could turn into one blast from beginning to end.

    2nd Movement - time for the tongue to get a rest and a quick kip before Mr Barry has written some nice pedal sustained for us. Then at D I love it! We actually get a tune on Bb. Too often we have to sit and listen to the Ebs with the euph get the glory we too get a share!

    3rd movement again nicely written and a sensible range for Bb basses.

    Overall I am loving the piece. We are going to run a movement or 2 in a concert tomorrow night. Be interesting to hear what Joe Public thinks.
  17. Moy

    Moy Active Member

    Any band staying in "Cedar Court Hotel Bradford"?????
    We are booked in Saturday and Sunday.

    Helping out Granite City Band then defo into banding retirement.
    Daz's music to finish with. :clap:

    Plenty work for 2nd section Daz/Rach!!!!!!
    Would have been good for the 1st section - quite a challenge especially for Tubas, Baris and poor Euph.;)
  18. Keith Lewis

    Keith Lewis Member

    A week to go!!!!!

    Looking forwards to next weekend. The piece is not one of my favourites however it is quite a test at our level with something for everyone (even 2nd bone!!! thanks Daz).

    Good luck to all the bands in all the sections and I have taken a photo of my family to remind me what they look like as I'm not going to see much of them this week.

    Play well everyone!!!!
  19. flashbarry

    flashbarry Member


    I have had several emails from bands about Tocatta, Elegy and Scherzo asking me wether the Elegy goes straight into the Scherzo with no break.

    Can all bands please note that there is a break in between each movement of the piece.

    I would like to wish the bands competing at the finals the very best of luck for the weekend and also thank them for their kind comments regarding the piece.

    Best wishes,

  20. GJG

    GJG Well-Known Member

    Presumably the adjudicators have also been advised ... ?
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