National Finals - 2nd Section Results

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    1. St Keverne, Derek Greenwood, 15, 188
    2. Wire Brass, Paul Andrews, 10, 186
    3. Woodfalls Concert Brass, Steve Dunster, 2, 185
    4. Diggle, Norman Law, 6, 183
    5. Horsham Borough, Glenton Bacon, 13, 182
    6. Granite City Brass, David James, 3, 181
    7. GT Group (Peterlee), Barry Holden, 5, 180
    8. Lockwood Brass, John Roberts, 4, 179
    9. Hebden Bridge, Ian Craddock, 7, 178
    10. Sandhurst Silver, Roger Burke, 12, 177
    11. Shirland Welfare Training, Marie Smith, 1, 176
    12. RAF St Athan, Alan Bourne, 14, 175
    13. Wigston, Gary Sleath, 16, 174
    14. West Yorkshire Police, Kevin Wadsworth, 8, 173
    15. Lochgelly, Jim Chamberlain, 9, 172
    16. Deiniolen, Gavin Saynor, 11, 171

    Best soloist: Cornet - Kelvin Retallack - St Keverne

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  2. kevthedrummer

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    well done st.kev good to see the prize comming back to cornwall... :tup:tup:p enjoy ur week end
  3. ian perks

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    As far as the tmp predictions go I BLOWN it only picked up 5 points so far out of two sections:eek:
  4. matti_raz

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    Same here I think!!!!!
  5. eckyboy

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    Good result for Granite City but fancied them to be top 3. Lochgelly must have had an off day as they are a far better band than the result they got.
  6. bruceg

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    A very disappointing result indeed for us but well done to the winners and everyone else that took part. Also a major well done to everyone in the hall for not lynching Phil McCann for the comments that he made during his summing up. He gave a lot of good constructive criticism but some of what he said just wasn't necessary.

    For example:

    "The real winner on the day was Sir Arthur Bliss and Belmont Variations"

    "Even if we had edited all 16 performances I'm not sure that we'd have been able to make one good peformance"

    I apologise for the involuntary "Boo" that escaped my lips after the latter comment but I was feeling pretty angry at what he said.
  7. ian perks

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    Thats not a very good thing for a Adjudicator to say after all the bands have put a lot of hard work in.Things like that do not go down very well with us bandsmen&players whatever the contest or whatever the section you are playing in!!!:mad:
    So according to him then no one sholud have won it:confused:
  8. Moy

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    Yeh eckyboy we thought we might finish a bit higher as well - but that's banding.
    We had a great weekend and were pleased enough with our performance and more importantly DJ our MD on the day was happy. He will be a big miss at band - hopefully he can persuaded to come and do some sections when we need bums kicked - sre you know what I mean.

    Well done to all the other competing bands and conductors - must admit that's the 2nd time I have played Belmont Variations at a contest - hopefully a 3rd is not in the offing.

    Any aspiring conductors looking for a soon to be 1st section band???

    PS Just home and my band are still in a coach travelling North.
  9. barnybeebop

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    Yet again, a proved need for a overhaul of adjucation procedure.

    I'm not saying the results were in the wrong order but how from the quote below can you give any band 188points (I think it was) and say this:-

    "Even if we had edited all 16 performances I'm not sure that we'd have been able to make one good peformance"

    All adjudication should be structured so that if a Champpionship section band was playing the piece, they would be getting 188-195 on a good performance. 1st section bands getting around 165-180+ for their performance and 2nd section and below getting 150-160 for what they would consider a good performance.

    The bottom bands in the 2nd section would get 100 points or so if they mark it fairly out of 200. Like an Assoc. Board grade or Dimploma, marks for each section of the piece, extra boxes for marks on style and overall performance etc.

    Once they've done it, the sheet goes out of the box so that nothing get altered and points shoved in a the end to match placings.

    Well done to Sandhurst while I'm here, an achievemnt getting to the finals on 1st atempt in 2nd section.
  10. WoodenFlugel

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    So after 20 years of trying what do I think of the finals?

    Well firstly I have to say I was disappointed with the way I played. I made a horrible mess of my first two bars and took a while to recover fully from that. Annoying, as I felt I could have and should have played the piece well. Still, I wonder how many other players left the stage thinking similar things? The acoustic wasn't as bad as I was expecting. You think that was dry? Well you should try playng in the East Midlands Conference Centre...:wink:

    As for Philip McCann's comments, well I was pleased that he had the bottle to stand up at the end and tell it as he saw it. In a way I agree with him - I think Belmont was a big ask for 2nd Section bands. I didn't hear any bands myself due to drawing last, so I won't comment on whether his thoughts were correct for yesterday's section or not. However at least he stood up to be counted and stayed away from the usual "I've had a lovely've all done very was very difficult to pick a winner" type comments most adjudicators tend to trot out. Certainly a lot of what he said tallied with the difficulties Wigston had with it. But I did take exception at his comment about adjusting to the acoustics of the hall. If you hadn't played there before (and lets remember this is not like the areas where bands compete every year) how were you to know exactly how the stage "played"? Personally I was too wrapped up in my own performance / crisis to think "aha this acoustic is very dry I must add a nano-second extra to my staccatto semi's".

    Still all in all despite a slightly disappointing result and a "dry" draw:( it was a really good day / weekend for me. I can tick the "National Finals" box now, and hopefully I will be re-ticking the same box again soon....:D
  11. chill

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    Well done to the winners and all the other bands who achieved a place in the top 6. Unfortunately I didn't get to hear any of you, but I know from my own experience that the whole band needed nerves of steel to produce a winning performance, so congratulations....
    And well done to Sandhurst, we tried hard, and as Barny said in a previous post, for our first year in the 2nd section, not a bad result really at all.

    On to the next piece now !!!! :eek:
  12. Will the Sec

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    I've never heard any adjudicator say that!
  13. does anyone think hebden bridge deserved a top 6 finish?

    i thought we played pretty well overall and to come 9th was very dissapointing for everyone associated with our band, especially as a few people we know who heard all the bands said that a couple of the bands in the top 6 didnt play as well as us.

    i thought that for mccann to slate all the bands was a pretty harsh thing to do.

    us as bands dont pick the pieces for the finals so shouldnt he be slagging off the people who picked the piece for our section insted of putting us bands down?

    mccann should take a page out of stan lippeats book, he gave very positive and yet constructive critisizm and i think mccann should have done the same, he just gave us all offensive critisizm and it was no help to the bands or MD's at all!

    i know this sounds like sour grapes but this is 3 finals where hebden bridge have played really well and not got a top 6 finish in either of them. makes you wonder what these adjudicators actually look for in a performance.

    on a positive note, well done to those who got in the top 6 and bad luck to you guys who didnt. was certainly a different experience playing in a hall like the H.I.C.
  14. McChambo

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    I thought Phillip's comments were spot on. I also think he deserves praise for making his speech helpful and informative, rather than giving us all a huge slagging, which would have been a far easier thing for Mr. McCann to do!
  15. Jasonp

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    Well done Sandhurst, you did a great job.

    It was good to see you all in the bar at the hotel.
  16. chill

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    Thanks .. Cracking result by you guys.
    By the way. Use Horseman coaches next time, and don't be such cheap skates :biggrin:
  17. Jasonp

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    LOL....thanks for the advise, I'll do that next time :D
  18. bruceg

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    I agree that he said many helpful and informative things Jim but he did still give us all a fair slagging (deserved or not) as was picked up by other posters to this thread. I know that we, as a band, didn't put in our best performance on the day (sorry for that) but some of his comments that were addressed to the entire field were uncalled for. As I overheard someone say after the results (and I'm paraphrasing slightly due to the family friendly nature of this site ;) ):

    "He was saying 'You were all **** but someone had to win' "
  19. barnybeebop

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    McCann the Role Model - Not for me!!

    McCann should be a little more diplomatic about the way he put his comments across. Look at the average age of Shirland W.T., they need encouragement.

    He took more time admiring a kilt on the stage than saying how he had enjoyed adjudicating the 2nd section. Probably because he didn't say he'd enjoyed listening to the performances, this puts doubts in mind how much attention was paid to our 'performances' if he would class them as that.

    They are supposed to look up to people like him, legends of the brass band world. All the effort that goes into preparing for the finals and qualifying in the first place deserves some credit. Then the expense of getting there etc. should be appreciated by everyone involved not just Beeson & Kapitol and should be reitterated at every opportunty.

    Probably 50% will come away dissapointed with the result they get wihtout a bit of a slating too.

    Forgot to say earlier well done to all bands that took part.
  20. johnmartin

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    I agree with Jim. Phillip McCann got it spot on. I think the barb of his comment was maybe aimed at the test piece selectors rather than the bands themselves who he well knew just had to make the best they could of what was a very hard test. I'd rather have a man stand up there and be honest instead of just saying "you all played very well" etc, etc. Think hard on what he said and be honest with yourself; can you maybe see something in what he said that could have applied to your bands performance. I certainly did.