National Finals 2008 - 3rd Section Test Piece : Suite for Brass

Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by Di, Jun 4, 2008.

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    Bittersweet really Mr B. To be that close...
    Never mind onwards and upwards as "they" say...:)
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  2. And lets not forget that all the bands there had to play Dark Side of the Moon in the regionals which had plenty for the percussionist to do. I felt some sympathy for them as they were only going to get a mention in the bands' comments were they to do something wrong.
  3. exactly!

    Our percussionists were mentioned in the crit for not being in time at the end of the 1st movement. Think that was about it really. I know its all generally about brass but, its a bit unfair not only in this contest but others too that percussion don't really get a fair mention. It's usually, "good percussion". Doesn't really explain anything does it?! But, perhaps thats another debate for another thread.
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    Slightly back off-topic, but may I apologise most profusely for being the unwitting author of the recent "dialogue" concerning our good tMP friend, DMBabe. All I can say in my defence is that since I was transferred/promoted/demoted from back row cornet to the bass section, I've forgotten what cornets and flugels look like.............
    So sorry, Diane (hope that at least I've got your name right) - this somewhat-older-than-22 man's eyesight isn't what it used to be - please be nice to me should we happen to be playing next years' test piece at around the same time next March!!
    Off for some humble pie now..........
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    Just a quickie ...... congrats to those who did well at Harrogate. Well done .

    And hello Rachael, it was lovely to meet you.
  6. Thanks again Lee for letting our young lad try those timps. You've a very friendly band. Hope to intermingle again sometime.
  7. It was great to meet you too. I apologise for my random/drunken babble :lol:
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    Time to get immature! :biggrin:
  9. Careful Ant... tra la la ;)
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    I'd like to add my contgratualtions to everybody who took part at Harrogate. You all did very well and those who got placed did better than the rest. Well done. Maybe we'll meet again next year!

    I, personally, had a fabulous weekend. I love the little village of Wetherby. It is so picturesqe. I got some fabulous photos. I wouldn't mind going there again.

    I was a bit disappointed that I didn't get approached by strange women from tMP. But hey, you can't have everything! ;)
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    Heartiest congrats

    Many congrats to all bands and MDs at Harrogate on the weekend. There was some awesome playing on show ( our band had a bad day at the office, but c'est la guerre). What a fantastic set of sop players are waiting in the wings. My fav of the day was Oldham but " Come on You Taffs" City of Cardiff did us proud...Kudos. Well done Gareth and the band
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    :eek: Really! U didn't seem drunk when I met you! Mind u who am i to judge after drinking the whole shooter content of wetherspoons......:roll:

    That's where u went wrong Lyons. Neither Mez or myself are strange so hence didn't approach you (or each other as it turned out)! We were both otherwise occupied with important contest related business........:guiness
  13. You didn't seem that drunk either really! I'd mixed my alcohol with a combo of cold and throat medicines through the day - think I did pretty well!
    Did we speak before, during or after the results?
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    Results? What results? :lol: No it was before then, ask Brian? If he can remember!
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    DMBabe you are spot on.:clap:
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    Can we have a recount on this one please :sup
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    Cheers Brian! Just got back on the internet, and have been reading all the retrospectives and opinions.

    Very well done to Wellington, and all the other bands that played. ****** last draw meant we couldn't get much proper socialising in, possibly my fault as I suggested we have lunch in a bar called "Number 19"... Had a great coach journey back though!
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    I'm hoping this year is yours guys... Bring it home!