National Finals 2008 - 3rd Section Test Piece : Suite for Brass

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  1. Mesmerist

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    Actually right now I am really really pleased that the flugel has an easy life coming!!!
    What with that 2nd mvt AND being Contest sec I was a proper mess. Burst into tears at registration after 3rd grilling by the mrs hitlers there who kept questioning number of players. "How many percussionists????" asked 4 times and "You`ve a player missing"because they miscounted the cards and then bless him our sop forgetting to sign form and winding me up and then being horrified at sobbing woman (cos he is manly soldier) and being handed 15 different hankies by the percussion section...
    At that point Mrs Hitlers all looked down their noses at me (soft southerner) and said "its only a contest just enjoy it"...:oops:
  2. DMBabe

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    get rid of that job now! I whinge enough about being top end stage setter for our lot.... redundant yesterday though!;) signing forms? Really? none of our lot signed anything they just kinda stared us all up and down.... maybe the pen had run out? I wound up our sec by saying "my card went the wrong way". Thought it was cos my hair was different, being that the photo is less than a year old but my hair has changed several times since then (the regie dudes up here all know me and make a joke about it every time they see me, even suggesting i get one of those photo shopped things where i can change my do to suit my mood)..... panic ensued cos it happened with the 1st trombone as well but turns out we'd run out of space on our sticky sheets.... love the fact that the alphabetical list was so difficult. Frau Hitler gawked at me, when she went up and down the list about 10 times and i pointed myself out about 4 from the top (C is obviously much further down in the alphabet there?), as if i was something she'd scraped off her shoe. Me being, well just me, smiled sweetly and was all "y'alright love?". another death stare! Hilarious! Worries me that they man these tables with stroppy blind arthritic types who find stamping a form a challenge? Mind u anyone younger and fitter would be in the pub!:lol:
  3. Our percussionists all got rather excited when we heard it on the journey home yesterday. I was so excited that we actually have something to do! Its written for 4 but think we could probably push it and do it with 6 so we all get a shot! :biggrin: perhaps we'll just hire some more percussionists for the sake of it - just so I can see everyones shocked faces when we walk on the stage with a section of 8+.

    Listened to it properly this morning as I said in the 'Areas 2009' thread and I am liking it. Some lovely big sounds in places and some decent percussion at last!
  4. katej

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    Mezzy if you were the contest sec then I was sat next to you at the draw? I was most impressed with your perc plan although when i went to hand ours in they said they didn't need it!

    Congratulations on 2nd place!

    Oh and thanks for telling me all I needed to know at the draw, it was much appreciated!
  5. tojo

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    have done the job for over 10 years doesnt get any easier but youve got to be prepared for anything , well have a chat if your at pontins
  6. Mesmerist

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    No that was Sally our proper real sec who should be prime minister as she is so competent at organising and is always helpful and charming. We were finishing late rehearsal in Harrogate Bandroom.

    Congratulations on your 1st place! Being a Salopian myself I didn`t mind so much being your runner up! Well done and enjoy it.:clap:
  7. katej

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    Thanks for the congratulations!
    Say thankyou to Sally for me then!
  8. DMBabe

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    Percussion plan??? pretty sure we didn't have one cos we'd been told everything was nailed to the floor!;)
  9. Mesmerist

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    Thanks! Don`t think we are going to Pontins.:( We are doing Leicester and Wessex in November and December then a CD before the Areas next March.

    I think the men of the band made a fast decision that next time on the day of a contest it will be a non-player who deals with the tough ladies on the registration table although all the other stuff will still be done by the unlucky appointed Contest Sec. (though if everyone was like lovely Mr Johnson at the BBBRegistry there would be no stress...)
  10. Rustonw

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    Congratulations to Wellington (Telford) Band From everyone at Wrexham Brass.

    A special mentions must go to Steve for his hard work an excellent reading of the score, Mel on Soprano (Fantastic as usual) and also Heather whose solo playing on principle cornet was top class.
    Finally, What a supurb Trombone Section!

  11. steve butler

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    Congrats to all, just got back from sunny Surrey. Did manage to congratulate a tear stained flugellist but as I was a beer stained partyist it was not too clear. Well done "babe" on the drinking front. All you other persons.... congrats or commizzies as appropriate.
    PM's with further (unprintable) details would be appreciated :wink:


    Mr (taciturn northerner) B

  12. You could always give the flugel player a few of the smaller percussion instruments to play; they don't have much to do :D
  13. Mesmerist

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    Which do you suggest? A triangle dangled from the end of our bells perhaps?
  14. Hells Bones

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    Steady on!
  15. katej

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    Hi all

    In all of the excitement I never noticed or spoke ot anyone about the recordings that were done. Does anyone know how I can get a recording? I know its doyen that were doing them - do they write to the bands???
  16. KMJ Recordings

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    I doubt it.

    Drop a PM to World of Brass - Carl should be able to help you as their tradestand was administering the copies.
  17. Actually I was thinking of the car horn early on in the piece. This is clearly going to be the thing that sorts out the winners from the losers. Personally I'm going to be suggesting to our band that we use the General Lee's horn from Dukes of Hazzard. :)
  18. Doyen Recordings on 01457 820138.

    I phoned them today. They said that they will be contacting all of the bands that played in Harrogate who did not order cds on the day.

    You have to buy a minimum of 5 cds at £6 per disk, plus £3 postage and packaging.
  19. katej

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    Thanks KMJ!
    I'm surprised it wasn't mentioned at the time but hey ho it was my first contest as secretary.....

    Edit: Thanks Ryan for that info- Ipresume that it will come to me as secretary? I'm pretty certain that we will get that many after all its not every year you win!
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  20. KMJ Recordings

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    I stand corrected ;)