National Finals 2008 - 3rd Section Test Piece : Suite for Brass

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  1. Di

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    National Finals 2008
    Third Section Test Piece

    Suite for Brass
    by John Rutter, arranged by Sandy Smith
    Obrasso-Verlag AG

  2. Mesmerist

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    well it sounds quite hummable...
  3. emziesonic

    emziesonic Member

    Is this a newly composed piece or one that there is recordings of?
  4. Lyndon Price

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    There are some utube bits of the source material for S Smiths arr. Seems like there are 2 mvts with perc tacet( in the string suite). Based on english folk songs ala Holst Tavener and RVW. The String version is high....should be interesting....last orch transcription was Carnival at the area 2nd section....hope this is better. Rutter of course is in a utterly different league than Mr Illes main sqeeze
  5. mikelyons

    mikelyons Supporting Member

    I wouldn't offend Sandy Smith for the world, he's a top spot a1 class arranger, but why are the panel not picking more


    I love John Rutter's stuff. He writes excellent music which pleases audiences around the world, but why can the panel not pick pieces

    written for brass bands?

    It really worries me that they can ignore all the talent out there amongst real brass band composers and go for an arrangement (however well done - and I believe that it will be) rather than a proper composition?:rolleyes:
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  6. We played it last night for the first time at the end of rehearsals.

    I like it but some parts may have to grow on me.

    Slightly disappointed in lack of percussion but then I did expect it. Timpani is tacet in the 2nd movement and glock is tacet in the 4th movement.

    Shall be interesting as we have 4 percussionsts and we only need 3 for it - I volunteered to prop up the bar :lol:

    I like the 2nd movement but don't think the rest of the band do. Its got a nice wee glock part to it.
  7. DMBabe

    DMBabe Supporting Member

    Stop showing off Rach! U wanna lend us one???? I have a comfy sofa (and a soon to be done up spare room) and a really stonking chippie less than 100 yds away! ;) Anyhting to shut him indoors up! We haven't even seen it yet and he's stressing. Flaming amateurs!
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  8. With tongue firmly in cheek.... I seem to remember that you didn't enjoy the last composition!
  9. Unfortunately I won't be able to lend you one as I'll have to stay and keep an eye on the guys. Someone has to keep them organinsed :lol: How many percussionists do you have likes?

    He's stressing?! What ever for?! Its very simple for percussion. Very much like Carnival last year. You've got a bit of snare (not sure what that piece was like), a wee bit of timps, some glock and a few rolls on a bass drum. :tup
  10. Mesmerist

    Mesmerist Well-Known Member

    We played it last night for the first time. I like it but I think it is one of those pieces that just get harder the more it is rehearsed.
  11. DMBabe

    DMBabe Supporting Member

    We have him (the guitar playing oboe dude who only does banding cos it's that or be the brass band widower but is better at percussion than the other stuff:confused: ) and the at times rhythmically perplexed Hezza. He always stresses till he knows what's going on (we've been doing concerts so haven't looked at it yet).

    Don't want to be the one to tell him it's like carnival..... had to hide all sharp objects during that so he wouldn't top himself with how pants it was!:eek:
  12. mikelyons

    mikelyons Supporting Member

    I know, but that was mainly because it was about as interesting as watching paint dry.

    We haven't got this yet so I'm not judging it. I just hope Sandy Smith wrote it before he fell out with me over DSOTM. ;)

    Oh no! Please, not again! :eek:
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  13. brassbandmaestro

    brassbandmaestro Active Member

    I totally agree with mikelyons. We have a pleathora of talent in the brass band movement. So why on earth have the panel ignoredthese people. Again, no offence to Sandy Smith, who I also agree is a nop notch arranger. But, why o why, do they continually to give out music thats like an arrangement and not origin al stuff!?!?!?
  14. We used to dread going to band when we were rehearsing Carnival. In fact somedays we'd turn up an hour late just because we knew we wouldn't be needed for a great deal.

    Ok, maybe its not quite as bad as Carnival because percussion actually could have just turned up on the day for that one! Yet its not quite as exciting as Dark Side of the Moon - I loved it! I think you'll def need 3 players though.
  15. brianatb

    brianatb Member

    Hear Hear:clap:
  16. lynchie

    lynchie Active Member

    Any opinions on the trombone parts? From listening to the string version, I'm not holding out too much hope for anything other than occassional shock chords and loads of long notes and rhythmic plodding.
  17. Lyndon Price

    Lyndon Price Member

    i think you may be on the money there mate, not played it yet but the string suite is used regulary in school orchestra; i have nightmares of having to rehearse idioms that dont work on brass, viola parts on hrns and baris.......we qualify on plc's music that nearly brings us into the twentieth century....then boom....unoriginal music, not designed to be played by the ensemble......deflated a bit
  18. mikelyons

    mikelyons Supporting Member

    String writing can be so idiomatic as to be next to impossible to transfer successfully to brass band. I know Sandy Smith is a superb arranger and we have a couple of his (including Schindler's List - bit dubious about the Eb bass tremolandos...:)) out at the moment. I'm breathless with anticipation waiting.

    Who's the publisher? I hope it's not another R. Smith & Co masterpiece!
  19. Nigel Hall

    Nigel Hall Supporting Member

    It's published by Obrasso
  20. mikelyons

    mikelyons Supporting Member

    Thanks Nigel. It might be reasonably accurate then! :rolleyes: