National Finals 2008 - 2nd Section Test Piece : Rhapsodic Variations ...

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  1. Di

    Di Active Member

    National Finals 2008
    Second Section Test Piece

    Rhapsodic Variations – My Strength, My Tower
    Dean Goffin, adapted by Brian Bowen
    SP&S Ltd

  2. John Brooks

    John Brooks Well-Known Member

    I'm interested in the "adapted by Brian Bowen" reference. Brian, can you fill us in on how this version differs from the original?
  3. AngW

    AngW New Member

  4. Active Member

    The Kapitol website also lists a couple of recommended recordings, by Yorkshire Building Society Band and The International Staff Band, albeit of the 'original' version.

    I have been reminded that Enfield Citadel Band also recorded My Strength, My Tower. It appeared on a CD called Milestone which dates from 1996 (?) and an LP from 1979 (?) on which the piece was the title track.
  5. Are any of the recordings likely to be going up on World of Brass Tunes, even as a 'full CD only' bundle?
  6. Active Member

    Maybe the Enfield one from 1996, if the band allow us to sell it on their behalf.
  7. Fingers crossed then, thanks very much.
  8. Maestro

    Maestro Active Member

    Any chance of this one being re-released on CD at all?
  9. GJG

    GJG Well-Known Member

    It would be nice to have this recording at least from a historical perspective. As I remember it also included the "Redcliffe" March and also Goffin's "Crusaders" festival march, a particular favourite of mine. However, as I recall it was a recording of exceptionally poor quality (sound/engineering, I hasten to add, rather than performance), and although it's possible to digitally "tweak" these older recordings to some extent, I would have some doubt as to whether or not much could be done with this one, even assuming the original masters still existed.
  10. Listening to the piece i think it will be a good test for second section bands, especially cornet and euphonium players!!

    Great piece though and a fine follow-up to rhapsody in brass!
  11. Harboroughfox

    Harboroughfox New Member

    Final's test piece!

    Played it last night for the first time, very difficult for principal cornet and euph, you get about halfway through the cornet solo and think the hard bit's over and it comes back and gets you again! doh!!
    Tough test for 2nd section but a crackin piece and will certainly sort em out.
  12. Missy

    Missy New Member

    Very quiet in here then!! ;) How are folk finding the piece now??

    Johnstone Band
  13. Harboroughfox

    Harboroughfox New Member

    Yeah, love the piece, very difficult cornet solo but i'm getting there, also lots for euph to do.
    Am enjoying working on it and it's so much better and harder than last years piece, which i can't even remember!
    I would like to go and listen to a few on the day, but as a competitor refuse to pay £8 or whatever it is, as we're already getting ripped off at the hotel one way or another, anyway must go and practise, good luck.
  14. JR

    JR Member


    I find it rather odd that Kapitol are "recommending" recordings

    If there are several on the market this puts them in a very debatable position regarding the ethics of the contest doesnt it?

  15. i have to say i really like this piece, really enjoying rehearsing it. think its a great test for the second section. good luck to all competing bands.:tup
  16. animal.22

    animal.22 Member

    I dont think any of the perc parts are particularly taxing EXCEPT the xylo bit which thankfully I dont have to play.BUT,I must say that I think that it has been very badly planned with regard to actualy playing the individual instruments that the perc part demands.I get the feeling that whoever did this just decided to throw some stuff in without any thoughts to the actual logistics of it because they didn't realy know what to do with it.There are two or three pieces of equipment writen into all three parts with apparently no thought as to how the players are going to play each part.We certainly aren't going to have two concert basses and three tam tams on stage.
    This may seem a bit nit picky to some of you but I believe it just goes to show the lack of thought that some arrangers have in their music!
    Grump over.
  17. hamish5322

    hamish5322 New Member

    Have to agree with you. A great piece and very difficult. One of those pieces that is a lot harder than it sounds. It will take a special band to produce the winning performance.
  18. animal.22

    animal.22 Member

    Since my previous post,I have been given to understand that it was a Euph playerthat wrote/arranged the perc part for this piece :confused: Somebody please tell me what that is all about,didn't it occur to anyone that it might have been a VERY GOOD IDEA to get a percussionist to do that particular job. And before you all jump down my throat,I have no doubt that the said Euph player is very good in his own field and IF it turns out that he is a percussionist as well, then he should have known better.:ranting2:
    Second grump over.

    AND FINALLY Humble appologies if I have upset anyone but it realy has p&*%$D me off
  19. Active Member

    I wasn't aware that Brian Bowen was a euphonium player. As a player, many would remember him as a very fine flugel horn player in The International Staff Band for many years.

    As far as Brian's credentials to write percussion parts are concerned, I don't think you have any grounds to worry or indeed to be p&*%$D off as you put it. Brian has had many fine compositions published by The Salvation Army in the UK and USA. Brian has lived and worked in the USA for many years, latterly as a freelance composer, arranger and editor.
    Prior to his emigration, Brian was an editor of the Eulenberg miniature scores, those small yellow books that you find all over the place.
  20. to add to your grump, just found out in the last rehearsal that the provided perc isnt to be moved at all ( the big stuff anyway) doesnt make things any easier when you have random instruments on each part! maybe i could grow more arms before sunday! or make the ones i have 6 feet longer. or maybe i could stop whining and get on with it! :eek:

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